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Letter Home - A newsletter for Cal Parents
Cal Parents welcomes all parents and guardians into the UC Berkeley family. Through the activities and resources of the program, we provide a vital link between home and the campus. This newsletter is one of our primary vehicles of communication with parents. It is published three times each year and mailed to the families of all undergraduates. If you are not currently receiving Letter Home and would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Cal Parents at 510/642-7147 or by e-mail at


Spring 2016


Update: Message from the Chancellor


Undergraduate Education: Helping students thrive, not just survive

Equity & Inclusion: New Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion

Equity & Inclusion: African American Initiative

Cal Parents Fund: For Berkeley donors, a day to shine

From Cal to the Crescent City: Magnolia Project turns spring break into a time for service

Arts + Design: Campus, city celebrate new BAMPFA

News Briefs
Athletics—Truly Golden Bears
Clinton Global Initiative
Save the date!
Emergency Preparedness


Fall 2015


Update: Message from the Chancellor


ASUC Student Union: The ASUC Student Union welcomes you home this fall!

Cal Parents Fund: Time for donors to think 'Big'

'Heart' and home at Berkeley: Cal welcomes all families to Parents Weekend at Homecoming

Page-turning programs: Two campus initiatives encourage Cal students to share the joys of reading

Career Center: On the job for Berkeley Graduates

News Briefs
Cal Athletics ready to shine
Campus names first arts and design leader
Five honored for stellar teaching
Save the date!
Safety for Berkeley students


Spring 2015


Update: Berkeley's pillars of excellence


Cal Parents Fund: Senior gift campaign inspires generosity in future alumni

Cal Parents Fund: BearWALK enhances evening safety for Cal students

Student Affairs: Berkeley MCAP scholarships expand access for middle-class families

Student Affairs: Resident Faculty program fosters student growth

Outreach: Center spurs students to promote social justice

Athletics: Goalball breaks barriers for the disabled

Celebrations: Towering tribute: Campus to celebrate Campanile's 100th

News Briefs
Countdown to commencement
Cal Athletics in swing for spring
Cal hacks!
Cal Parents welcomes Jason Smith


Fall 2014


Student Affairs: Renewing the undergrad experience: three campus leaders weigh in


Student Affairs: Transforming undergraduate education

The Cal Parents Fund: Taking the reins, supporting "everything Cal touches"

Cal Student Central: A one-stop-shop for help

Anniversary: FSM50 Free Speech Movement

Parents Events: Great company, great minds, and great fun!

News Briefs
Intercollegite Athletics gets new look for fall
Save the Date: Cal Da —Saturday, April 18
Distinguished Teaching Awards


Spring 2014


New Faces: Distinguished dean tapped for Berkeley's top academic post


Cal Day: One day. A million stories.

The Cal Parents Fund: Cal parents and The Campaign for Berkeley help students thrive

Campus News: Emergency preparedness—it's everyone's business

Supporting Students: As students find new ways to learn, library learns to adapt

Financial Aid and Scholarships: Innovative programs earn national recognition

News Briefs
Access, excellence, a tradition
Study abroad ramps up
'Promise for Education' good as its word
Let there be lights, camera, action
Big year for Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports
Save the Date: Parents Weekend at Homecoming 2014
Berkeley prof to lead the Fed
Tobacco-free Berkeley
"Meet the Chancellor" webcast a success


Fall 2013


Spotlight: Rewards of volunteering and giving what you can


Parents Events: Come back to Berkeley!

Supporting Students: The academic breadth requirement: a way to 'connect the dots'

The Cal Parents Fund: Providing a critical network of support for undergraduates

Student Affairs: Enhancing the academic experience

News Briefs
Janet Napolitano to lead UC system
Berkeley-based healthcare
The "Sonny Dykes Era" begins!
Welcome David!
On the move
ID-ing emotional distress
Save the date!


Spring 2013


Student Services: New student-services center offers convenience


Parents Events: Create your own Cal Day

Supporting Students: On the cutting edge of teaching

Sidebar: The training of a Berkeley GSI

The Cal Parents Fund: The Cal Parents Fund flourished under Chancellor Birgeneau

Campus News: Transforming Lower Sproul

News Briefs
Nicholas Dirks will be Berkeley's 10th chancellor
Steve Wozniak to speak at Commencement
Five honored as distinguished teachers
Now's a good time to update WarnMe
Hewlett Challenge completed two years ahead of schedule
Learn how the Affordable Care Act will affect you
Opportunities for summer study
Save the date!


Fall 2012


Parents Events: Wear your blue and gold!


Faculty Honors: What students say—about faculty honored for exceptional teaching

Student Services: A field guide to academic help

Sidebar: Academic guidance is around every corner. Point your student to these programs for academic advice
Sidebar: Ten good ideas for guiding your student to academic success

The Cal Parents Fund: For This Busy Parent, There’s Always Time for Berkeley

Our "Golden" Bears: London Was Bear Territory

News Briefs
Regents endorse Gov. Brown’s tax initiative
WarnMe update
Study Abroad deadlines
SHIP: Opt in or out?
Student renters insurance
Internships on and off campus
Berkeley’s very own debit card
Let there be light, again!
Senior class gift
Cheers for Berkeley!
Special service for undergraduates
Save the date!


Spring 2012


Parents Events: Expand your universe at Cal Day!


Campus News: Chancellor will step down at year's end and return to teaching and research

Supporting Students: The World As Classroom

The Cal Parents Fund: It's a family affair

Berkeley Study Abroad: Berkeley students go global

News Briefs
Time to celebrate!
Two Sloan Research Fellows named
Endowment gift scholarship for women
New financial-aid plan for the middle class
WarnMe is now opt-out!
Learning happens
Sproul Plaza is new Facebook app
Save the date!


Fall 2011


Parents Events: Four days to celebrate Cal!


Campus News: Library marks centennial year

Supporting Students: It's 3 a.m. Is your student asleep yet?
Catching your z's can seem overrated when school is demanding, your body is young, and you're newly on your own. Students, researchers, and healthcare providers grapple with the whys and hows of sleep

The Cal Parents Fund: Philanthropy Fuels Cal's Future

News Briefs
Faculty honored
Save the date!
Texting funds class gift
Many ways to keep in touch
Another way to support Cal
Register for DSP services
Come cheer, "Go Bears!"
Be in the know
Berkeley's own debit card
All aboard for savings!


Spring 2011


Parents Events: Enjoy the Best of Berkeley at Cal Day!

Academic Programs: More language courses offered fall semester

Supporting Students: Undergrad researchers push the knowledge envelope
Revising and expanding 'the known' is part of Berkeley's genius. Students earning their bachelor's degrees share in the challenges and excitement of scholarly discovery

The Cal Parents Fund: Cal Parents make a difference

News Briefs
Commencement celebrations
Discover what's happening in Washington, D.C.
Summer's the season
Upcoming regional events
SHIP 101
In case of emergency
Scholars honored
Stay in the loop
Like Cal Parents?
Budget blues
Save the date!

Fall 2010


Parents Events: A true blue and gold celebration!

Sidebar: Parents Weekend Highlights, Oct. 8–10
Sidebar: Special parent/family events

Emergency Resource: Students urged to sign up now

Supporting Students: Strategies for academic success are within easy reach
Abundant resources help students find their footing—and learn problem-solving skills useful well beyond college

Sidebar: Recipients of Berkeley's 2010 Distinguished Teaching Award offer students stellar advice

The Cal Parents Fund: Strong Berkeley ties inspire Cal parents to serve

News Briefs
Your student's Cal 1 Card debit account
Campus budget news
Quick before the SHIP sails!
Discover Cal this fall
Study abroad
Clear expectations help prevent alcohol abuse
To graduate—and to give—is divine
Save the date for Cal Day!
Calling all sports fans!
Ways to keep in touch

Spring 2010

Parents Events: A Day Like No Other — Cal Day
UC Berkeley's Annual Open House April 17
Budget News: Make Your Voice Heard: Be a Cal Advocate

Supporting Students: Scholarship with the public at its center
At Berkeley—a beacon of 'access and excellence'—a sweeping new initiative aims to make the campus a pioneer in diversity research

The Cal Parents Fund: Cal Parents Fund restores library hours amid cutbacks

News Briefs
Graduation is just around the corner
Scholars of distinction
Newbies honored
Cal joins the blogosphere
Visitor Center has moved
Getting ahead this summer
More seats for R&C
Tips to help students stay safe
Help your students survive...finals!
Do we have your e-mail?

Summer 2009

Parents Events: Rolling out the blue & gold carpet
Parents Weekend Highlighs, Oct. 2–4
Budget News: Amid budget woes, academic excellence is top priority

Academic Programs: Navigating a clear path
The internationally recognized Disable Students' Program works hard to level the plaing field for students with extra challenges

Sidebar: Let your fingers do the walking: Tips from the DSP staff

Student Awards: An intellectual superstar
When University Medalist Emma Shaw Crane witnessed human-rights abuses as a child, she set out to make a real difference

Sidebar: Parting Words: The finalists

Faculty Profiles: Faculty who love what they do inspire anew
'Giving props' to superlative profs

When teachers and students share one roof: For 'residential faculty' and their undergraduate neighbors, proximity makes for valuable exchanges, insights, and suprises
Learning through service: A Spanish teacher invites students to use their language skills in service to the community.
A classroom shining light: A linguist brings an 'arcane' topic to life.

Academic Programs: Discussing differences, building bridges
Berkeley's first-ot-its-kind requirement helps students learn about race, culture, and ethnicity—and "rethink attitudes, assumptions, and political and social understandings"

The Cal Parents Fund: bSpace enhances student learning—in and out of class

News Briefs
A new year begins
Free debit card for use on and off campus
Staying ahead of the flu
Senior-class gift to Cal
College drinking: parents step up
Opt in to receive emergency alerts
New and improved SHIP benefits
Do we have your e-mail?

Spring 2009

Parents Events: Open House Open Mind
UC Berkeley throws open its doors for Cal Day April 18
Financial Aid: Income under $60K? UC guarantees aid to cover fees
Faculty Profile: Wired for good
Psychologist Dacher Keltner discusses the benefits of being kind and connecting with other—and devises a formula for what makes us happy

The Cal Parents Fund: Transforming the future through gifts

Sidebar: Cal parents make groundbreaking gift

Visitor Guide: All the information you need to plan a trip to Berkeley
News Briefs
Regents to set higher fees this spring
Plan for your senior's moment in the sun
Two not-so-little words
Avoid a housing crisis
Bright blue ideas for the president
Summertime blue-and-golds
Save the date for Parents Weekend at Homecoming
Oski the oracle

Fall 2008

Campus Life: Blue, gold—and 'green' all over
A critical mass of Berkeley students is thinking big about life on a small planet.
Campaign Kickoff: An ambitious goal to benefit 'every corner of campus' Berkeley's $3 billion campaign is launched
Faculty Profile: Those with the gift teach with passion
Award-winning lecturer Kathleen Moran teaches liberal-arts subjects via Jane Austen novels, film analysis, television sitcoms, the arguments of Karl Marx, and the world around her students
Student Affairs: An advocate for Cal students
What makes for student success? How are this year's freshmen a little different? Berkeley's vice chancellor lets you know, and looks over the horizon at Student Affairs

Academic Advising: A field guide to finding help
Three faculty advising experts, parents all, offer tips

Sidebar: Academic guidance is around every corner Confused about courses and majors? Point your student to these programs
Sidebar: Advice on Advising Ten good ideas to guide your student to academic success — and the help they need to achieve it

Supporting Students: Funding excellence
More student access, new classroom technologies, faculty awards for great teaching, and building projects are all part of an ambitious $3 billion fundraising effort
The Cal Parents Fund: Opportunity knocks for students, and Cal parents make it happen
Access & Excellence: Chancellor's award is a boost to students without parents
News Briefs
WarnMe, too!
Safety tips for shorter days
L&S dean focuses on undergrads
Whither UC funding?
Cal signs top-rated recruiting class for women's b-ball
Enrollment is up
Physics for presidents?
Playful Bears on campus
Put Cal Day on the calendar
A weekend to remember
What's happening at Cal?
Bancroft Library set to reopen

Summer 2008

Parents Events A grand gala for parents Oct. 3-5
Parents Weekend is your opportunity to experience all that is Berkeley, whether you're a first-time or frequent visitor
     Sidebar: Parents Weekend hightlights
     Sidebar: Parents speak up: What do you like best about Parents Weekend?
Emergency Resource Students urged to sign up to receive emergency alerts
Faculty Honors Extraordinary teachers take a bow
Great teaching is as much a part of the Berkeley experience as Nobel Prize-winning research and shouts of "Go Bears!" This year's Distinguished Teaching Award recipients carry on that tradition
Student Services Listen, and let go
What new students face—from missing home to getting along with a new roommate—and how their parents can help them succeed at Berkeley
Student Living Matchmaker, matchmaker...please make me a perfect match!
The Cost of Education Chancellor Birgeneau on keeping Cal affordable
The cost of attending UC is rising but new solutions, such as raising new funds for a $2 billion endowment and reallocating existing resources, will take time. The crisis is still at bay, but 'we have to start now' to change our course
     Sidebar: New funding ideas to keep up with the Ivies
     Sidebar: Chart: Fee increases hold down self-help levels
     Sidebar: Ten tips on paying for a UC education
     Sidebar: Student perspective: How do you afford to attend UC Berkeley?
Student Awards Committed to helping others
An infectious disease detective and champion of China's orphans, University Medalist Leslie Sheu overcame shyness to achieve her goals
     Sidebar: Parting words: The finalists
The Cal Parents Fund Contributions help freshmen begin 'On the Same Page'
News Briefs
A new year begins as students move in Aug. 23-24
Cal athletes are heading to Beijing Olympic Games
Seniors support Cal
On sexual and gender diversity at Berkeley
Robert Hass wins Pulitzer Prize for poetry
Save the date!
College drinking: Shifting the culture toward healthy living
New insurance benefits, online appointments
Important reminder on waiving SHIP coverage

Spring 2008

Parents Events Cal Day engages all ages
Hear lectures from nationally-renowned faculty, take in a musical performance or two, watch Cal's athletic teams play, tour the campus's 1,200 acres, or discover the treasures of Berkeley's libraries and museums, all on April 12
     Sidebar: What to choose on Cal Day? We asked the experts
Visitor Guide All the information you need to plan a trip to Berkeley
College Finances Helping families afford college
The Student Experience The undergraduate lowdown
Latest surveys offer a 360-degree view of Berkeley's student body—from 20 common school-related worries, to the 70 languages spoken at home, to the impact of sleep (or its lack) on GPA
     Sidebar: What students have to say
The Cal Parents Fund Scholarships make a life-changing difference
     Sidebar: Supporting scholars
Summer Study At Cal, summer's an academic adventure
News Briefs
Graduation: An end and a beginning
Career center has a new site just for parents
Park and play near the residence halls
Another way to 'see' Cal
Social welfare, journalism deans named
Professor cited for probing new aspects of history
Cal Parents Fund is on a roll

Fall 2007

Parents Advice Home for the winter holidays
As winter break approaches, a campus psychologist offers tips on navigating the winds of change that come home with new college students
Cal Parents Board Parents board brings families closer to Cal
Teaching Sitting on laurels
Berkeley's biggest gift ever will bring the campus 100 new endowed chairs—good news for the faculty and great news for undergraduates
Student Services Guides for a winding career
With a series of career guidebooks for liberal-arts students under their belts, three campus counselors prove that degrees and careers—including their own—can lead to unexpected places
Campus Programs Safety Comes First
Many students choose UC Berkeley for its vibrant, big-city, Bay Area locale. To make sure they navigate their urban setting safely, the campus offers an array of tips and services, from night shuttles and escorts to safety booklets to a full-service police department. Smart students will take advantage of these—and make safety second nature
     Sidebar: Play it safe at night
     Sidebar: Cal police aid region with specialized skills, equipment, and a robot
     Sidebar: On campus or in town, be prepared with safety-smart tips and services
Academic Programs Forestry from the ground up
Wildlife, wildfire, soil, timber, people—managing our woodlands looks anything but simple from UC Berkeley's venerable classroom in the Sierra
     Sidebar: Who are the campers? Voices from the 2007 forestry camp
The Cal Parents Fund Parents Internet or iPod, new ways to experience Berkeley
Campus Facilities New building, new 'neighborhoods' for bioscience learning
News Briefs
Parents Weekend draw a crowd
Discover Cal at a location near you
Winter and spring Cal sports open seasons
East Asian library to open
Fire safety – on campus and off
New students are all 'On the Same Page'
Save the date for 2008
Chancellor speaks out in 'Bear in Mind' webcast
‘¿Está disponible en español?’
A 'genius' and five Nobel contributors

Summer 2007

Parents Events Cal shines for parents Oct. 12-14
Whether you're eager for a first look at campus or coming back to see more, Parents Weekend is the best time to visit Berkeley
     Sidebar: Parents Weekend highlights
Emergency Resource Web bulletin board connects families in an emergency
Faculty Honors Top teachers 'open a window' on learning
Linguist, literature prof, biologist, and Latin-poetry specialist receive 2007 Distinguished Teaching Award, Berkeley's highest honor for instruction
Academic Programs A proactive approach to academic success
Abundant resources help Berkeley students start the semester on the right foot — and help new students make a smooth transition to the university
Student Achievement Honors at graduation
The 2007 commencement season saw some 5,000 remarkable Berkeley students earn diplomas. Here's a look at the year's top graduates
     Sidebar: Four finalists for the University Medal — the cream of Berkeley's academic crop — share insight into what makes exceptional students tick
     Sidebar: From the podium A brief sampling of Class of '07 sendoffs
Student Programs Interning inside the Beltway
In the UC Berkeley Washington Program, undergrads get a taste of life, work, and how things get done in the nation's capital
The Cal Parents Fund Parents Fund supports 'best place to study' at Cal
News Briefs
New vice chancellor for equity and inclusion named
Campus is alert to mental-health issues
Cal Dining on the red carpet
Summit sets ambitious sustainability goal
Campus events, sports set for fall
Safe and sober partygoing
Opt out of health insurance until Sept. 14

Spring 2007

Cal Day It's all at Cal! Which event combines the best of a music festival, science fair, sports tournament, museum crawl, lecture series, and fun fair? It's Cal Day—UC Berkeley's annual spring open house.
Academic Events The Big Day's Coming: Graduation!
Faculty Profile A Student of Children
A pioneer in exploring the history of children, Paula Fass began to examine American culture as a child herself. Today, she leads Berkeley students in considering this population once overlooked by historians.
The Cal Parents Fund Big-School Benefits, Small-School Experiences
News Briefs
Berkeley leads $500 million energy research effort
Catch up, speed up, or get ahead with summer courses
Biggest ever gift for Cal Parents Fund
Big bucks for big ideas
Discover Cal heads south in May
New interim head named for Student Affairs
Campus debit card goes off campus
Send a treat during finals
Nearby or far away, be here
Need help?
Visitor Guide All the information you need to plan a trip to Berkeley.

Winter 2007

National Rankings Rank, then file
There’s no lack of variety in the plethora of college ratings — and, yes, Berkeley does great in all of them — but fee-paying parents should take it all with a grain of salt
From the Chancellor 'We serve California extraordinarily well'
Read a wide-ranging Q&A with UC Berkeley’s leader
Campus Profile Egalitarian at the gates
Top admissions officer Richard Black wraps up a quarter-century of shaping the student body and carrying out UC Berkeley's mandate 'to educate students from all of California's communities'
     Sidebar: Student snapshot, 2006-07
Student Programs A little caring makes a difference
‘Pay it forward’ program hooks up students who have no parental support with the help they need — from Cal parents, staff, and student mentors — to beat the odds
Faculty Honors Cosmic Forces in the Classroom
     George Smoot: Cosmologist wins Berkeley's 20th Nobel Prize
     Alex Filippenko: An astronomer with a stellar teaching style
     Claire Tomlin: And geniuses? We've got geniuses!
Parent Profile Teaching tribal teens the write stuff
Cal Parent Luisa Armijo created a writing-immersion program to help Native American youth feel at home on the page — and to fuel their dreams of college life
The Cal Parents Fund When Cal Comes Calling
Meet the students who call on behalf of The Cal Parents Fund
Student Health College Partying: It's a Family Affair
Changing the culture of college drinking
News Briefs
Save the date for Cal Day
Parent donors come through for Cal
Navigating a liberal-arts education
Take an iPod for a spin around campus
Google us
Disabled students get a boost
Cal lauded for seismic, energy efforts
Kudos to Cal's newest philanthropists
What we'll do in case of flu
Campus partners with car-sharing firm
Discover Cal around the state

Summer 2006

Parents Weekend at Homecoming Celebrate the Blue and Gold!
     Sidebar: Top 10 Reasons to Come to Parents Weekend
Student Honors University Medalist
Faculty Profiles Berkeley Faculty Win Top Teaching Honor
Co-curricular Activities The ASUC Art Studio: A Creative Sanctuary
Student Health Services SHIP Provides Best Medical Coverage
Student Living Berkeley Residence Halls Go for the Green
     Sidebar: So What Else Is New in the Residence Halls?
     Sidebar: Advice of recent grads
Community Service Suitcase Clinic: Students in Action
The Parents Fund Big Life Questions Answered at Career Center
News Briefs Cal 1 Card, New Dean in L&S, Berkeley on iTunes U, New Dean of Students, Alcohol Education Program, "Hot Topics" at IGS Library Site, International House Turns 75, Join Us for Golden Bear Football

Spring 2006

Cal Day Your Best Time to Visit
     Sidebar: Things to do
Academic Events It's Commencement Time!
Student Research Undergraduate Research at Berkeley
The Parents Fund Partners in Excellence
News Briefs Student Fees, Summer Sessions, New Vice Chancellor–Administration, Whooping Cough Vaccine, Cal 1 Card, Free Smoke Detectors for Off-Campus Housing, Class Gifts, Save the Dates
Visitor Guide All the information your need to plan a trip to Berkeley.

Fall 2005

Academics A New Spin on the Breadth Requirment: Twenty pilot L&S Discovery Courses are launched on campus this year
Faculty Profile New Faculty-in-Residence Program Launched
Financial Services CARS Bills and Payment Options Available Online
Public Service Big Hurt in the Big Easy: A team of Berkeley engineers pokes through Katrina's rubble in search of clues that could help prevent flooding the next time a Category 4 hurricane hits
Student Living Campus Chefs Play 'Beat the Clock': A team of four Cal Dining chefs out-cooked chefs at Harvard to win the gold at a summer culinary competition, definitive proof that our students fare better than their Crimson counterparts
     Sidebar: Acing the Taste Test
The Parents Fund Engaging Students through Webcasts: Studying for exams was never so easy as now, when students can review lectures via webcasts on their computers or audio records on their iPods
Fundraising Meet the Bermans, Co-chairs of The Parents Fund
Community Relations Since We're Neighbors, Let's Behave: Campus, students, and Southside residents unite for peace (and quiet). The result is a tangible action plan designed to ease the friction among people with vastly different lives and schedules
News Briefs New Cal Parents Chairs, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Dean of Students, Save the Dates, California Memorial Stadium Renovation, Construction News, UC News Web Site in Spanish, "Bear in Mind," Senior Class Gift, Student Fee Increase, Cal Parents Web Site, New L&S Executive Dean, Men's and Women's Basketball

Summer 2005

Parents Weekend at Homecoming It's a Blue and Gold Celebration! Bring the whole family to Parents Weekend from September 30 - October 2.
     Sidebar: Parents Weekend Highlights — register online
Online Resources New Cal Parents web site is ready to roll
Academics American Cultures: Undergraduate courses in a surprising range of subject areas articulate the many cultures that have shaped the United States
Health Watch FAQs about your student's health care
Student Scholarship Scholar of slave letters wins University Medal
     Sidebar: University Medal Finalists
Money Matters Earning to learn: With college expenses on the rise, most students must not only borrow but also bring in a paycheck during their college years. For many, work-study is the answer
The Parents Fund: Helping faculty say 'yes' to Berkeley
News Briefs Move-In Day, menengitis vaccine, Chancellor Birgeneau's inauguration, online student summer journals, new women's basketball coach, stadium renovation, the Cal 1 Card debit plan, alcohol education program for students

Spring 2005
Open House: Novice or Pro, See it All on Cal Day! Whether you're a first-time visitor or you're ready for a closer look, April 16 is your day to discover Cal
     Sidebar: Intro to Cal Day and The Advanced Course
Inauguration: Celebrating Cal's new chancellor
Student Services Campus bill and payments are online coming this Spring
Health Watch Drinking on campus: What parents should know
Visiting Cal: Every Day's a Tour de force Nobody knows UC Berkeley like its 60 sharp-as-a-tack student tour guides. To see the sights and get the lowdown on the student experience, they offer the best 90 minutes in town
     Sidebar: Taking a tour—in person or online
Student Life: Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right Berkeley freshmen are more liberal and less religious than their nationwide counterparts — but a campus survey finds their views on some social issues are closer to the national norm than labels suggest
     Sidebar: Student Points of View
Faculty Profile: A Master Teacher and Master Mentor She won’t burst out in song to illustrate a point. English professor
Kevis Goodman doesn’t need a ‘big persona’ to help students learn to write and to love great literature
The Parents Fund: Parents and Cal: Partners for Excellence
News Briefs
Parents Weekend at Homecoming: Save the Date

Fall 2004

Message to Cal Parents: Meet Our New Chancellor Cal's new Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, noted physicist and former president of the University of Toronto, shares with Cal parents some of his bold plans for the future
Administrator Profiles Two New Deans Announced
Academic Resources Summer Classes Make Good Sense
Resource for Parents One-Stop Resource for Moms and Dads
Health Watch: Depression - A Serious Illness on the Rise Colleges nationwide estimate that depression affects one in ten students. University Health Services has started an awareness campaign to help combat the problem at Berkeley
Academic Life: Making size matter less Innovative Berkeley professors take new approaches to personalizing large-lecture courses, some with multimedia tools and Web sites, others with invigorated discussion sections
The Parents Fund for Cal: Advent of the Digital Classroom Innovative classroom technology, courtesy of The Parents Fund, allows students to identify their preferred learning styles and choose their favorite study aids
     Sidebar: Your Gifts at Work More About The Parents Fund
Academic Planning: Getting to Grad School Haven't even thought about graduation? The College of Letters and Science has laid out tips for getting read, step by step, year by year—good advice for students in any major.
News Briefs New Cal Parents Chairs, New Athletic Director, Legal Online Music, Cal in the Olympics, New Online Science Magazine, Green Dining Halls, Campus Policies Online, Save this Date!

Summer 2004

Parents Weekend at Homecoming Save the Dates!
     Sidebar: Weekend Highlights
Fees Regents Approve 2004-05 Fee Increases
Frequently Asked Questions Answers to your Top 10 Questions
Parents Fund for Cal Parents Help Fund Student Research
News Briefs Move-In Day, Passport Acceptance Office at Berkeley, Distinguished Teaching Awards, Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), New Housing for Continuing Students
Visitor Guide Freshly updated, here is all the information your need to plan a trip to Berkeley.

Spring 2004

Cal Day — Your Best Excuse to Visit
     Sidebar: Ten Good Reasons for Parents to Come to Cal Day
Biochemist Debunks Fad Diets Want to lose that excess weight? Don't go on a diet, says Associate Professor Nancy Amy. In the long run nearly all fail, and they can damage your health.
Is Clark Kerr's Legacy Eroding? Clark Kerr designed a system of higher education to which students from all walks of life have access. In the face of steep budget cuts to California schools, that legacy now may be threatened.
Students Head Overseas in Record Numbers Despite war, terrorism, and anti-American sentiment, Berkeley students are eager for travel and international adventures. UC's Education Abroad Program offers that, and keeps them safe.
     Sidebars: International Security
                   EAP at a Glance
Major Decisions: Look Before You Leap try to resist pressuring your students to choose a major that's a fast track to a job. Career counselors advise students to find their passions.
     Sidebars: Student Voices
Parents Fund: Start-Up Funds Help Recruit Top Faculty
Parents Weekend at Homecoming: Save the date
News Briefs

Fall 2003

Academic Resources: A Recipe for Interaction The new Freshman Seminar Dinner Series has all the right ingredients: a handful of students, a nutty professor or two, and time for ideas to marinate.
Academic Advice: Faculty tip off new students
Faculty Profile:Reinventing the Sciences Professor Jay Keasling invites Berkeley undergraduates into the emerging interdisciplinary field of metabolic engineering. Together they use the human genome map to explore exciting new scientific territory.
Residential Living: Housing on the Horizon Construction of 1,200 new 'beds' on southside is kicking up dust and snarling traffic. But oh, to see the end of that wild annual hunt for housing!
A Conversation with Chancellor Berdahl: Of Budgets, Building, and UC's Future Chancellor Berdahl will step down in June. But with budget uncertainties, construction underway, campus initiatives to advance, and even a class to teach, it’s still full-speed ahead until then.
Student Life: Freshman triplets Enter Berkeley You thought getting one child ready for college was hard? try three.
Demographic Stats  Meet the New Students
The Parents Fund  Enjoy Your Years at Cal
Academic Resources  Narrowing the Gap Between Faculty and Students
News Briefs

Summer 2003

Homecoming & Parents Weekend: Start a Family tradition Just when that nest is starting to feel a little empty, along comes Homecoming & Parents Weekend, the year's best excuse to come to Berkeley.
     Sidebar: Especially for Parents: Schedule of the weekend's planned events
Fees: Fees rise as UC cuts deepen With UC facing deep cuts in the new state budget, a 30 percent fee increase is reflected in bills mailed in late July.
Student Activities: The transfer-student experience  Despite the fast pace and challenges of entering Berkeley as juniors, community-college transfer students hold their own and enrich the student body. Several campus initiatives aim to support their success.
Parents Fund for Cal: Library is the heart of the campus Parent contributions aid Berkeley’s top-ranked library system.
From the Chairs A welcome from Jon and Gail Folan, Cal Parents chairs, whose three daughters have been Cal students.
News Briefs Financing a UC education, Cal’s top teachers, keeping watch on SARS, college prep advice on TV in Spanish, keeping in touch with Cal, and the latest from the UC Berkeley NewsCenter.
Visitor Guide  Freshly updated, here is all the information your need to plan a trip to Berkeley.

Spring 2003

Cal Day Open House Cal Day is your chance to visit the labs, thrill to the music, and absorb a stimulating lecture. Why should your student have all the fun?
Faculty Profile: Unmaking the Grade  Professor Martin Covington wants students to get more out of their classes than an A. He wants them to rediscover the joy of learning for its own sake.
Commencement: Ready to celebrate  Across campus, commencement ceremonies planned for May 14-27 will give Berkeley graduates their moment to shine.
Winter Graduates: December Graduates Urged to Aim High
Student Fees: Fees rise as state budget crisis worsens  
Student Government: Early Lessons in Democracy  For more than a century, the ASUC—the student led governing body—has worked to make Berkeley a better place to live and learn, and has been a training ground in leadership for those who serve.
Career Planning: Career Help in a Tough Market  How will your student fare in today's competititve job market? Planning is key to a successful career, says Career Center director Tom Devlin—no matter what the student's major or dream job might be.
     Sidebar: Top Tips
Parents Fund for Cal: Small Classes, Top Faculty for Freshman
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Fall 2002

From the Chancellor
Academic Resources: Cal Library Shines in Rankings  The library system has grown volumes since its first collection of 1,036 book opened to early UC students. Now it's the country's top public university library.
Faculty Profile: Lessons from The Third World  What does a "black hole" like Calcutta, with its slums and squatters, have to teach the prosperous First World? Plenty, says an urban studies professor with one foot in each culture.
Student Life: Residence Halls—Not Just for Sleeping  Residence Halls, now full-service operations with academic centers, computer support, and advisers as well as beds and food, constitute small-village refuges within the mega-campus.
Coping Strategies: Stress 101  Your Berkeley students may face pressures ranging from their first C's, to conflicting demands on their time, to unfriendly roommates. Some may occasionally feel overwhelmed by it all. Here's how you can help.
     Sidebar: Resources
Alumni Services: Get Connected, Get Ahead  The California Alumni Association is not just for alumni. It also helps undergraduates find friends, mentors, internships, leadership training, and life-long support networks.
Parents Fund for Cal: Safety Update: Night Shuttle and Escort Services
Administrator Profiles: Four New Deans Took Helm This Fall
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Summer 2002

Homecoming & Parents Weekend: Celebrate!  Berkeley gears up to welcome 4,000 parents and alumni to Cal on Oct. 18-20.
Move-In Day: Move-In Day is Fast Approaching  Boxes, bundles, and U-Hauls will converge on campus on Aug. 17-18, as students move into campus residences. What should students bring and what should parents know?
Student Activities: The Value of Helping Others  Berkeley students find that community service generates rich rewards, not only for those in need but for the students themselves.
Parents Fund for Cal: Career Center Serves Students 24/7  A new dynamic Web site provides dates of job fairs, analyzes chances of graduate school admission, and tracks letters of reference-even at 4 a.m.
From the Chairs
News Briefs  Among announcements of breaking news stories are the 2002 winners of Berkeley's Distinguished Teaching Awards and new student dental coverage that begins this fall.
Visitor Guide

Spring 2002

Cal Day 2002: All that's Berkeley Shines on Cal Day
Faculty Profile: Frog Man
Commencement: Come May, let the celebration begin
Winter Graduates: Alumni Host December Reception
Academic Highlights: Light in the Darkness
Frequently Asked Questions: Real-World Work
Student Living: The Housing Search Begins
Parents Fund for Cal: Parents Help Improve Classrooms
From the Chairs
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Fall 2001

Awards and Honors: The Market for Lemons
September 11: The Aftermath
Administrator Profile: Guarding Your Students' Welfare
Frequently Asked Questions: Financial Aid Makes a Great Value Better
Cultural Resources: Hearst Museum Celebrates Its Centennial
     Sidebar: Phoebe Hearst Timeline
Hominid News: Our Ancestors Walked Upright Earlier than We Thought
Student Residences: I-House Fosters Tolerance and Respect
Parents Weekend 2001: A Great tradition--Homecoming & Parents Weekend 2001
Parents Fund: New Undergraduate Division Benefits L & S Students
Administrator Profiles: New Deans to Lead Education, Optometry, Physical Sciences
From the Chairs
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Summer 2001
Homecoming & Parents Weekend: Blue and Gold Celebration
Safety Q&A: Finding a Safe Place to Live
Administrator Profile: Reinventing Undergraduate Education
Parents Fund for Cal: Help Support Your Student's Education
Power Crisis: Campus Preps for Possibility of Rolling Blackouts
From the Chairs: Welcome to the Cal Family
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Visitor's Guide

Spring 2001
Cal Day April 2001: Discover Berkeley's treasures
Faculty Profile of George Chang: The Teacher Is In
Commencement Ceremonies: Class of 2001 Rocks
Sidebar: Mid-year Graduates: December Graduates Celebrate Too
Campus Resources: The Invisible Registrar
Sidebars: Student Computer Systems
Office of the Registrar by the Numbers
Frequently Asked Questions: Taking Part Fully and Freely - The Disabled Students' Program
Sidebar: Archive Chronicles a Movement: Berkeley, Again, As the Seat of Change
Parents Fund for Cal: Your Participation Matters!
A Message from the Chairs
News Briefs

Fall 2000
Preparing for the Post-genome World
Nobel Prize
Cal Athlete's find, gold silver in Austrailia
Parent's fund for Cal
2001 is bargain year for Summer Sessions
Under Construcion
A century of tradition
Fall recap, spring preview
From the chairs
News briefs

Summer 2000
Homecoming, Reunion, & Family Weekend 2000
From the Cal Parents Chairs
Helping You and Your Student Get Off to a Good Start
Complete Guide to Visiting Cal
Parents Fund for Cal: Why Ask Parents to Give?
Frequently Asked Questions: Religious Worship
What's New?

Spring 2000

Discover the Many faces of Cal at Cal Day 2000
Framing the Questions: New Visions from the Arts and Humanities at Berkeley
From the Cal Parents Chairs
State Governor Proposes UC Funding Increase
Commencement 2000
What Can You Do to Help Students through Finals?
We're Ready! A look at Emergency Preparedness on Campus
Frequently Asked Questions: Health Care at Cal
Engineering Dean Paul R. Gray Selected as Berkeley's new Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Parents Fund for Cal: Participation Matters!
What's New?

Fall 1999
Welcome from the Chancellor
Homecoming, Reunion, & Family Weekend '99
Getting Involved on Campus
Gerald Lowell, University Librarian
Efforts to Redefine Merit
Haas Captures Intimacy of Harmon
Questions & Answers
Parents Fund Benefits Cal Students
From the Chairs
What's New

Summer 1999
New Freshmen Reflect State's Diversity
Homecoming, Reunion, & Family Weekend
Commencement '99
A Guide to Berkeley
Ellen Simms Has Big Plans for the Botanical Garden
What's New
Advice from Parent to Parent
From the Cal Parents Chairs
Why Ask Parents To Give?

Spring 1999
Explore Cal at Cal Day 1999
Academic Advising Helps Undergraduates
Undergraduate Adviser Has His Dream Job
Faculty Profile: Robert Brentano
What's Up With Housing in Berkeley?
Security Campaign Launched for Southside
Student Callers Star in Telephone Fundraising
Commencement Ceremonies Planned for May 8-24, 1999
What is the best thing your parents can do for you during finals?
From the Chairs
Thank You, Cal Parents Supporters!
Matt Lyon Is New Public Affairs Chief

Winter 1998
Mentors Share Knowledge, Experience With Students
Four Named To Berkeley Posts as New Deans
Freshman Seminar Program Offers Intimate Setting for Students
New Campus Bicycle Safety Plan
Men's Basketball at the Oakland Arena!
Student Records Are Private Information
Parent Volunteers Hit The Road

Summer 1998
Parents Weekend & Reunion Combined For More Fun
Meet the Class of '98
Berdahl Installed as Berkeley's Eighth Chancellor
Campus Offers Help In Career Search
A Guide To Berkeley
Cal Parents Welcomes New Members
Parents Fund for Cal

Spring 1998
Cal Day '98
Selecting the Freshman Class
Assistant Professor Studies trends in Public Education
Commencement Ceremonies Planned for May 9-26, 1998
Campus Crime Rate Down
Homecoming, Reunion, & Parents Weekend is set for September
Cal Parents to Attend their Third Berkeley Graduation
Chairs' Message

Winter 1997
Chancellor Berdahl Introduces the SAFER Program
Recreational Sports Offer Something for Everyone
Faculty Profile: Christina Maslach
Parents' Corner
Campus traditions
Chairs' Message

Summer 1997
Chancellor Berdahl Aims to Make Berkeley a transformational Experience
The Class of '97
A Guide to Berkeley
Faculty Profile: Elizabeth Abel
Cal Parents Weekend '97
Parents Corner

Spring 1997
Robert M. Berdahl Named Chancellor
Housing Options
Studying Abroad
Application Surge
Thank You, Cal Parents!


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