UC Berkeley

Berkeley Mobile policies

Developing Mobile Web Sites at Berkeley

The campus has adopted the Mobile Web Framework as the de facto standard for mobile development here at Berkeley. This framework, originally developed at UCLA, meets the requirements specified in the UC Berkeley Campus Mobile Computing Strategy.

To use the framework in your project (whether or not it is linked from the mobile web home page) see the Mobile Web Development Resources.


Joining the UC Berkeley Mobile Web

The links and information included on the campus mobile web home page and second-level pages have been designed to provide mobile access to sites of widespread interest to the campus community. Sites linked from the UC Berkeley Mobile Web must have the following characteristics:

  1. Content is relevant to the campus community
  2. Content is accurate and up to date, and will be maintained on a regular basis
  3. Site follows usability and accessibility best practices and standards
  4. Site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices
  5. Site uses the Mobile Web Framework and meets other campus security and mobile requirements
  6. Site is housed on a reliable secure server

To be considered for inclusion in the UC Berkeley Mobile Web, contact the webmaster.