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Campus furlough program and proposed closure plan

20 August 2009

In a message to all UC Berkeley faculty and staff, Vice Chancellor Nathan Brostrom outlines the campus closure dates and other decisions that have been taken to implement the systemwide furlough and salary reduction program approved in July by the UC Regents. Read the full message >

Urgent budget message from chancellor and provost

16 June 2009

In an urgent letter to the campus community about California's financial crisis, Chancellor Birgeneau and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Breslauer discuss actions to cut costs across the UC system, explain what they think may happen, and describe their leadership strategy for the Berkeley campus in these difficult times. Read the full message >

VC Brostrom: Voluntary separation option approved

10 April 2009
We have now received permission from the Office of the President to go ahead with a voluntary separation program that could help our campus reduce expenses, and I am writing to give you the basic information about it. Read the full message >

Brostrom: New options for employees aim to reduce workforce and workload

9 March 2009
We must take immediate action to address a significant budget shortfall and prepare for a possible next wave of cuts. Last month the Chancellor asked Vice Chancellors to begin working on their 2009-10 budget proposals by modeling strategies for achieving an 8% targeted cut and describing the impact of those strategies. Across-the-board cuts are not planned; these models are for planning purposes. In the near term, however, it is clear that reducing the size and cost of our campus workforce will be a necessary part of addressing the budget situation. Read the full message >

Birgeneau & Breslauer: Assessing the budget situation and options to address shortfalls

8 March 2009
When we wrote to you last December, we predicted that 2009-10 would be a much more difficult year than the current one, in which we are already making significant reductions. This prediction has now become an unavoidable reality. The severity of the economic turmoil that began in October has deepened into prolonged recession and, like all other universities, we must make the difficult choices required of us to be responsible stewards of our resources. Read the full message >

Birgeneau: On the current economic situation

15 December 2008
Over the last several weeks, we have all read reports that the State, national, and global economies are in recession and that the financial markets remain in turmoil. We are writing to update you on the university's response to these developments and on our broader financial strategy for the time ahead. As you would expect, the UC Berkeley leadership team is spending significant time understanding the situation, analyzing the impact, and developing concrete actions and contingency plans to prepare for the times ahead. Read the full message >

Brostrom: Update on the governor's new budget proposal

10 November 2008
Last week Governor Schwarzenegger proposed mid-year cuts to the state budget, as well as a temporary increase in the sales tax, to address the growing state deficit. While the proposal includes a significant new cut for the University of California, we will not have final information about the outcome until the Legislature and the Governor agree to a potential budget package and the UC Regents subsequently make decisions about allocating UC's budget cuts. Read the full message >

Brostrom: Information for UC employees about 2008-09 systemwide salary increases

22 October 22, 2008
Governor Schwarzenegger and the Legislature recently adopted a final state budget for the 2008-09 fiscal year that did not provide funding for increased student enrollments or inflationary increases in fixed costs such as utilities and health benefits. As a result, the university must take approximately $100 million in cuts internally to address the shortfall. Read the full message >

Brostrom: UC takes action to help protect employees against rising health insurance costs

9 October 2008
With Open Enrollment set to begin on October 30, UC Office of the President has announced that monthly costs for medical plans will drop or increase only slightly in 2009. As the nation's health insurance costs rise sharply, the university is adding a one-time $5.2 million contribution to help offset the cost increase and keep employee costs lower. UC will continue to pay 87.5% of the total cost of medical benefits for employees. Read the full message >

Brostrom and Burnside: Update on the state budget and how it affects UC

20 August 2008
A state budget has still not been adopted in Sacramento. We want to update you on the impacts of this situation on UC Berkeley employees and programs, following up on the e-mail sent on Aug. 1 after Governor Schwarzenegger issued an executive order temporarily reducing the state's cash obligations. Read the full message >