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2011 stories

UC president responds to revised state budget | May 16

Budget update: Facing UC Berkeley’s economic challenges with video | May 12

Operational Excellence launches ‘Ask OE’ video series with video | May 11

Pac-12 signs new media rights deal; how it impacts Cal | May 5

Men’s gymnastics program to continue at UC Berkeley | May 2

Academic Senate budget presentation Video | April 20

Bridging Berkeley’s budget gap | April 8

Chancellor’s 2011-12 budget message | April 1

UCOP to cut operating costs, shift system funding model | March 30

UC Berkeley-Field Poll shows voter attitudes on budget | March 16

Important message regarding the 2011-12 budget | January 31

2010 stories

'Day of Action' protesters take over Doe Library reading room | October 7

On a sad day for Golden Bears, 4 teams are cut, while rugby survives as 'varsity club' squad | September 29

For Operational Excellence, bottom line is $75 million in change | September 2

Chancellor 'cautiously optimistic' about the year ahead | August 27

New Human Resources Center aims to streamline services, improve efficiency, and reduce costs | July 6

‘A very difficult time’ for the campus, but Birgeneau accentuates the positives as he looks toward the future | May 28

In their own words: UC Berkeley students on the impact of campus budget cuts | May 11

Chancellor responds to Operational Excellence Phase I report | May 3

UC Printing Services to end its run after 136 years of business | April 20

Contributions to UC pension fund set to restart | April 1

Chancellor's new advisory group aims to help set Cal Athletics on path to financial sustainability | March 31

On a listening tour at Berkeley, UC Commission on the Future has its vision tested | March 30

Berkeley's budget: tradeoffs, choices, and challenges | March 1

How Berkeley is finding its voice in Sacramento | March 2

Berkeley students travel to Sacramento for lobbying blitz | March 1

'Faculty need to participate directly in remaking the State of California,' says Academic Senate chair | February 18

Operational Excellence homes in on potential savings | February 12

Financial overview presentation | February 5

Top-quality graduate students flock to UC Berkeley despite budget woes | February 3

Nathan Brostrom, Berkeley's budget guru, departs for Oakland – but won't leave campus behind | February 2

Chancellor Birgeneau announces senior-management transition plans, as Brostrom accepts UCOP position | January 21

Chancellor comments on governor's State of the State address | January 7

2009 stories

Protesters attack Berkeley chancellor’s home | December 12

UC police arrest 66 at Wheeler Hall | December 11

Activists spend night in Wheeler to foster 'open university' | December 8

Chancellor's video message to campus community with video | December 1

Review of Wheeler Hall protest to be undertaken | November 23

Protesters arrested as Wheeler Hall occupation ends | November 20

Campus protest decries UC budget moves slide show | November 18

Students turn out in force for town hall on budget | November 6

Myths and facts about UC Berkeley's budget | November 6

Academic Senate tells Cal Athletics to pay its own way — starting now | November 6

Staff forum on future of UC post-employment benefits set for Nov. 10 | November 2

Fall Academic Senate meeting to focus on Intercollegiate Athletics | October 28

What ails California? Conference finds plenty of symptoms, few solutions | October 27

Gifts from parents restore full library hours | October 14

Chancellor launches effort to address major budget challenges | October 1

Boisterous rally draws thousands to Sproul Plaza to vent anger at UC cutbacks | September 24

Walkout by faculty, unions and others slated for Thursday | September 21

Students to pay new fees for some UHS services | September 16

Research restructuring leads to net reduction in jobs | September 14

Chancellor Birgeneau speaks out on the budget crisis | August 27

As students return to classes, media meet with the chancellor | August 27

Brostrom to serve interim role at UCOP leading business operations | August 27

Campus closure dates announced as part of furlough implementation | August 20

Tools for coping during tough times | August 5

Budget Central resource calendar | August 5

Retirement benefits workshop in August and September | July 17

Focus turns to long-term impact of funding cuts as regents approve furlough plan | July 16

Furloughs, pay cuts proposed for UC staff and faculty | July 10

Yudof's letter to UC community details furlough plan | En español (PDF) | July 10

New opportunity to apply for voluntary separation option | July 8

Berkeley's Academic Senate weighs in on Yudof's furlough/salary cut options Academic Senate (PDF) | July 6

Yudof proposes three UC systemwide furlough/salary reduction options | June 18

Q&A on UC furlough/salary-reduction options | June 18

Chancellor delivers grim budget news at BSA gathering |June 16

Urgent budget message from chancellor and provost | June 15

Stimulus funds for UC Berkeley research now total $8.6 million | June 5

As voters weigh state's budget options, UC Berkeley eyes severe options for addressing cuts | May 15

Workforce-reduction measures are having an impact | May 7

UC president addresses Berkeley Senate | May 1

Brostrom: Voluntary separation option approved | April 10

Campus leaders tell staff town hall they hope to minimize layoffs, but must close a 'huge funding gap' | March 24

Staff invited to March 24 town hall on the budget | March 19

From the Chancellor's Office: Followup on the budget and senior administrators' actions | March 16

How are Berkeley students faring in hard times? | March 16

Chancellor, campus leaders brief the media on Berkeley budget issues | March 11

Brostrom: New options for employees aim to reduce workforce and workload | March 9

Birgeneau, Breslauer lay out budget situation, options to address shortfalls | March 8

Regents act on UCRP, eligibility | February 12

The state of Berkeley's budget: A Q&A | January 22

Weatherproofing the campus against financial storms | January 5

2008 stories

A spirit of generosity is in the air | December 23

UC leaders call for new strategies for financing public higher education | December 5

Economy tanking? Invest in higher ed | December 3

Christina Romer named top U.S. economist | November 24

Big science and Berkeley's soul | November 20

UC Retirement Plan update | November 12

How governor’s latest budget proposals affect UC and UC employees | November 7

The meetings are virtual, the savings are real | November 5

Chancellor asks campus to prepare for worsening budget picture | October 23

Regents approve final budget for 2008-09 | October 22

UC holds the line on health costs for 2009 | October 15

UC takes action to help protect employees against rising health insurance costs | October 9

Greyhounds and bloodhounds: Exploring the U.S. financial collapse | October 9

Why is Wall Street in shambles? Berkeley experts weigh in | October 1

UC Berkeley launches major multi-year campaign to raise $3 billion | September 19

Q&A with Cheryl Resh, UC Berkeley financial aid director | August 26