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The University of California, Berkeley spends approximately $1.8 billion per year to fulfill its teaching, research, and public-service missions. As a public institution, we are fully committed to transparency in the management of our finances; we also recognize the heightened interest in campus budgetary practices in the wake of deep state-funding cuts. Although Berkeley's budget is admittedly complex, this report aims to provide a brief and simple overview of the array of funding sources that support the Berkeley campus, and the processes, procedures, and pressures surrounding the management and use of these funds.

The report is divided into five basic sections and contains data and analyses gathered from campus financial systems and produced by the analysts in the Budget and Resource Planning office.

  • Overview of Fund Sources provides a review of the sources of funds available on the Berkeley campus and the external constituents that influence their availability.
  • How Do We Use Our Money? describes several mechanisms used to manage and monitor our campus spending.
  • The Annual State Budget Cycle summarizes the steps taken each year to establish funding levels from the state.
  • How Are Decisions Made at Berkeley? shows the process for stakeholder input, individuals responsible for decision-making, and principles that guide campus leaders in managing Berkeley's budget.
  • Current Issues in Budgeting provides a review of some of the issues that the campus is currently facing, such as allocation methods in use at the University of California, the influence of the economy, and the higher-education competitive environment.

Questions or suggestions?

This primer has been written to provide visibility and transparency in decision-making, policy development, and communications with regard to the UC Berkeley budget. It is our intention to distribute additional information about the budget to keep the campus community and Berkeley's stakeholders fully informed about budget matters. To help us, please send your budget-related questions, as well as suggestions for future topics, to budget@berkeley.edu. Thank you!