UC Budget Central

Q&As on the budget

In interviews in recent months, UC and Berkeley leaders have offered insights on how the state and global financial crisis is likely to impact the university, and how the campus is responding to limit the damage and safeguard its core mission of teaching, research and public service. In addition, regularly updated questions and answers from UCOP are available on the University of California Budget News site (P&R en Español).

Myths and facts about UC Berkeley's budgets

6 November 2009

A number of persistent myths about the campus budget are addressed. Read the full Q&A >

Chancellor Birgeneau speaks out on the budget crisis

27 August 2009

By all accounts, the UC system is facing the most serious financial crisis in its history. With the campus gearing up for a fall semester unlike any since his arrival in 2004, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau discusses the challenges ahead. Read the full Q&A >

Q&A on UC furlough/salary-reduction options

18 June 2009

Answers from the UC Office of the President regarding possible systemwide furloughs and/or salary reductions. Following broad consultation, UC President Mark Yudof intends to present a specific option for approval to the UC Board of Regents at their July 2009 meeting. Read the full Q&A >

Budget update: Answers to questions from staff

12 May 2009
At the recent Town Hall meeting for staff, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and Vice Chancellor for Administration Nathan Brostrom answered randomly selected questions submitted by the audience and pledged to pledged to publish answers to questions that remained at the close of the hour-long session. Those answers, on a range of budget-related subjects, are published here. Read the full Q&A. >

Birgeneau, Breslauer, and Brostrom: Media briefing on Berkeley budget issues

11 March 2009
Campus leaders spoke to the media on March 10 about the impacts of the state and global economic crisis on UC Berkeley and steps being taken to respond to the $60-70 million campus budget shortfall projected for 2009-10. Reporters from some 20 media outlets dialed in to the conference call. Read the full transcript >

Lenz: UC shares the pain

29 January 2009
What does the state's fiscal crisis mean for the University of California? Patrick Lenz, UC’s vice president for budget, answers questions about what is happening with the budget and how it will impact the university. Read the full Q&A >

Breslauer and Brostrom: The state of Berkeley's budget

22 January 2009
George Breslauer, executive vice chancellor and provost, and Nathan Brostrom, vice chancellor for administration, discuss the campus's plans for coping with the grim realities of today's economic climate. Among other things, the interview touches on size and shape of Berkeley's financial hole, the "fog of uncertainty" hanging over the state budget, and specific actions being taken to deal with the difficult fiscal environment. Read the full Q&A >

Yeary: Weatherproofing the campus against financial storms

5 January 2009
In his new role as a campus vice chancellor, Frank Yeary advises campus leaders on strategic financial planning. The former international investment banker discusses financial challenges facing UC and the Berkeley campus. Read the full Q&A >

Birgeneau: Prepare for worsening budget picture

29 October 2008
With the global economy shaken and revenue and credit drying up for the struggling state of California, UC must take an additional, immediate $33.1 million budget cut as its portion of a statewide reduction mandated by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. UC Berkeley’s share will be a $5 million midyear cut, which Chancellor Birgeneau has announced he will take via central-campus deficit financing. This temporary measure buys the campus time to determine how best to take this and other permanent cuts that are expected to be necessary in 2009-10. What do we know now about the budget outlook and how it affects Berkeley employees, in their jobs and in their own pocketbooks?. Read the full Q&A >