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Bear In Mind guests

Episode Seven, April 22, 2003

In this month's edition of Bear in Mind, Chancellor Berdahl interviews Captain Lee Rosenberg, head of UC Berkeley's ROTC program; learns more about European perspectives on the war from three international students at UC Berkeley; and gets a preview of what we can expect from North Korea from Professor T.J. Pempel, who was instrumental in bringing delegates from that country to campus for a recent summit. The episode concludes with questions about fees and the war for the chancellor from students in the audience.

A complete transcript of this episode is available online. We'd like to hear your thoughts on this episode, and any suggestions for interesting guests.

The audio-only interviews below are in RealPlayer format.

audio Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
50:02 minutes | Go to transcript transcript
audio Introduction: "Welcome to the latest edition of Bear in Mind" ...
1:40 minutes | Read segment transcript transcript
audio Capt. Lee Rosenberg interview
12:04 minutes

Captain Lee Rosenberg, the commanding officer of UC Berkeley's Naval ROTC and the head of the military affairs program, tells what he expected when he started the Berkeley post, under what circumstances ROTC students question orders, and why "you can hate the war but you have to accept and respect the warrior, because he's your brother, he's your uncle, he's your son, or your neighbor." Read segment transcript transcript
Capt. Lee Rosenberg
audio International students panel
13:42 minutes

European graduate students studying at UC Berkeley tell how the campus — and their host country — has changed for them since war with Iraq commenced. Nicolas Bossut (Haas MBA student from France, top photo) tells why he's "proud that the Americans have decided to rename their French fries 'freedom fries,'" while Diana Fleming (Ph.D. student in philosophy from Ireland, middle) says she's "surprised by the lack of debate among graduate students." Thomas Mueller-Spaeth (biotechnology student from Germany, bottom) warns that "basing your opinion just on CNN and the department of Homeland Security is a very narrow-minded thing."
Read segment transcript transcript
Nicolas Bossut, Diana Fleming, Tomas Mueller-Spaeth
audio T.J. Pempel interview
15:03 minutes

In March, UC Berkeley hosted an international meeting to discuss growing tensions on the Korean peninsula. East Asian Studies professor T.J. Pempel, who was instrumental in making the meeting happen here on campus, gives an insider's perspective on "backroom diplomacy." He says: "I was quite surprised that the North Korean delegates actually had a sense of humor, were willing to deviate from the official text." Read segment transcript transcript
TJ Pempel
audio Q&A with the student audience
4:43 minutes

Students quiz the chancellor on whether Haas Business school fees will go up next year and what his personal stance on war in Iraq is. Read segment transcript transcript
Monica Ann Cundiff
audio Top of Mind
2:46 minutes

Chancellor Berdahl tells what he's thinking about these days: "This is the time of year that we have this bittersweet feeling about the university, as students prepare to graduate and move on to what’s next in their lives. It is a time of endings and beginnings ..." Read segment transcript transcript
Robert Berdahl

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