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Alexandra Roedder and Chancellor Berdahl

Episode 13, December 15, 2003

Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl interviews Berkeley senior and gifted cellist Alexandra Roedder; public-policy professor David Kirp, author of a new book on the economics of higher education; and nutrition expert Joanne Ikeda. At the end of the program, Berdahl talks about what's on the Top of his Mind: the legacy of Clark Kerr.

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Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
42:26 minutes

audio Introduction
1:29 minutes
audio The Alexandra Roedder interview
8:43 minutes

Alexandra Roedder, a senior majoring in music, talks about playing the cello with the University Symphony and chamber music groups, discusses how cello playing has changed through the ages, and performs a brief, holiday-inspired piece for the chancellor.
Alexandra Roedder

The David Kirp interview
14:53 minutes

Public policy professor David Kirp gives an inside look at his recent book, "Shakespeare, Einstein and the Bottom Line: The Marketing of Higher Education" — which examines bidding wars to land star faculty and whether universities should do more to model themselves after business to better cater to their "customers," also known as students.

David Kirp
audio The Joanne Ikeda interview
12:10 minutes

Do the holidays have you panicked about packing on the pounds? Berkeley nutritionist Joanne Ikeda is here to help, providing tips about navigating the "all you can eat" Christmas parties and how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle — one that will last long after the South Beach Diet has been relegated to the diet-fad dustbin.
Joanne Ikeda
audio Top of Mind
5:08 minutes

On Berdahl's mind these days: the legacy of former chancellor and University of California president Clark Kerr, who died Dec. 1 at the age of 92. "Perhaps the most important person in higher education in the 20th century," Kerr was responsible for creating the vastly successful UC system in the form it takes today, ensuring that universal access to higher education was seen as vital to the national interest. And although the Freedom of Speech Movement ultimately cost him his job, without Kerr, Berdahl says, freedom of expression would not be as intimately entwined with Berkeley as it is today.
Robert M. Berdahl

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