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Current edition
An international campus

February 2010
The battle for Berkeley's future

January 2008
Confronting the challenges of the affordability and access to higher education

September 2007
The Hewlett Challenge, the Energy Biosciences Institute, and equity and inclusion

March 2007
The Energy Biosciences Institute

Dec. 2006
Exploring intercollegiate athletics at UC Berkeley

Oct. 2005
From stem cells to smart buildings: The world of research at UC Berkeley

May 2005
Christopher Edley, Maria Mavroudi, and Tyrone Hayes on the challenges facing UC Berkeley

July 2004
Introducing Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau

Sept. 2002 - April 2004
Episodes hosted by previous chancellor Robert M. Berdahl


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Bear In Mind with audience

This month's edition of Bear in Mind, with an all-student guest list, was recorded in Dwinelle Hall's television broadcast studio in front of a live audience. Chancellor Berdahl interviews Matt Murray, Student Regent Designate; listens to Berkeley jokes from comedienne Sumana Harihareswara; grills David Singer, co-chair of the Israel Action Committee (IAC), and Sid Patel, with the Stop the War Coalition, about why Berkeley students feel so passionately about the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The episode concludes with questions for the chancellor from the Berkeley students in the audience. A complete transcript is available online.

If you're a current Berkeley student and would like to attend the next Bear in Mind taping on Friday, February 28, please register by e-mail. We'd like to hear your thoughts on this episode, and any suggestions for interesting guests.

The audio-only interviews below are in RealPlayer format.

Episode Five, Feb. 3, 2003:

audio Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
52:21 minutes
audio Introduction: "Welcome to the latest edition of Bear in Mind" ...
2:10 minutes | Read segment transcript transcript

The Matt Murray interview
10:17 minutes

Junior architecture major Matt Murray cofounded the Berkeley chapter of the ACLU and is currently the Student Regent Designate. He tells the chancellor about serving on the Board of Regents, why student fees need to be raised, and what the ugliest building on campus is. Read segment transcript transcript


Matt Murray, Regent-Designate


The Sumana Harihareswara interview — plus comedy routine
10:18 minutes

Recent Berkeley graduate Sumana Harihareswara was the only comic selected from 120 talented acts to compete on Jan. 31 for the Apollo Theater's Amateur Night on Tour at Zellerbach Hall. She didn't win, but here you can listen to her share comedy tips with the chancellor, find out what her father the Hindu priest thinks about her career choice, and laugh along with the audience to some of her best Berkeley jokes. Read segment transcript transcript

  Sumana Harihareswara

The Israeli-Palestinian debate with David Singer (top left) and Sid Patel (top right)
17:38 minutes

In response to student demand, Chancellor Berdahl has invited the Israel Action Committee's David Singer and Sid Patel, a member of the Berkeley Stop the War Coalition who has been active with the Students for Justice in Palestine, to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The two Berkeley students debate whether the university should divest from Israeli companies, whether both sides are guilty of terrorism, and what it would take to begin the peace process again.
Read segment transcript transcript


Q&A with the student audience
11:53 minutes

Students quiz the chancellor: how much longer Unit 2 residents will have to endure construction, and what the administration is doing about their discomfort; what his dream job is; and what he thinks the men's basketball team's chances are for the championship. Read segment transcript transcript

  Robert Berdahl


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