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Ayelet Waldman and Chancellor Berdahl

Episode 14, January 26, 2004

Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl interviews education professor Bruce Fuller about public policy and education; English professor Kristin Hanson about how dictionaries deal with changing word usage; and Ayelet Waldman, best-selling author and Boalt Hall law lecturer, about the legal realities underlying her latest book, "Daughter's Keeper." At the end of the program, Berdahl talks about what's on the Top of his Mind: how UC Berkeley will deal with deep budget cuts.

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Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
44:38 minutes

audio Introduction
1:40 minutes
audio The Bruce Fuller interview
12:01 minutes

Education professor Bruce Fuller, codirector of the Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) center, shares his report card on the impact and implications of President Bush's "No Child Left Behind" reforms, talks about which major problems California schools still face, and discusses whether charter schools — such as the one UC Berkeley is proposing — can offer better education for our children.
Bruce Fuller

The Kristin Hanson interview
12:22 minutes

Associate professor of English Kristin Hanson is teaching a brand-new Freshman Seminar called "Reading the Dictionary." In this interview, she tells what she thinks students will gain from reading the American Heritage Dictionary's front matter and appendices, explains why "seductress" is still accepted usage while "ambassadress" is not, and how iambic pentameter relates to grammatical structure.

Kristin Hanson
audio The Ayelet Waldman interview
12:54 minutes

Ayelet Waldman shares how she somehow manages to juggle four children and lecturing at Boalt Hall with writing at least 1,500 words of fiction daily in the company of her novelist-husband Michael Chabon. The author of the popular Mommy Track mysteries, Waldman has just published "Daughter's Keeper," a serious fictional look at how mandatory sentencing guidelines for minor drug offenders can wreak havoc on a family.
Ayelet Waldman
audio Top of Mind | transcript Read transcript
5:08 minutes

On Berdahl's mind these days: what Gov. Schwarzenegger's budget cuts will do to the UC system, the heavy burden that proposed fee increases will place on graduate students — and how the shrinking pool of graduate students will affect the university, and in turn, the state's future.
Robert M. Berdahl

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