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Oscar Armijo and Maria Mejia

Episode Eight, May 23, 2003

In this month's edition of Bear in Mind, Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl interviews Oscar Armijo and Maria Mejia, guests from the first episode who return to report on their first year at Berkeley; asks Vice Chancellor Ed Denton and Provost Bill Webster how they plan to grow Berkeley's campus and programs carefully; learns why the plundering of Iraq's antiquities should matter to us from Near East Studies professor Marian Feldman; and hears from Human Rights Center director Eric Stover about what he was doing in Iraq during the war. The show concludes with Top of Mind, in which the chancellor expressing his concern about how heightened security will affect Berkeley's future international students.

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The audio-only interviews below are in RealPlayer format.

audio Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
55:21 minutes
audio Introduction
1:40 minutes

The Maria Mejia and Oscar Armijo interview
9 minutes

Two freshmen, Maria Mejia and Oscar Armijo, share the highs and lows of their first year at Berkeley, from bombing a calculus midterm to changing their majors to figuring out that no, you don't have to do all the reading. A few surprises: professors here are more accessible than you might think, and summer internships at casinos aren't all play.


Maria Mejia and Oscar Armijo
audio The Bill Webster and Ed Denton interview
12:04 minutes

Vice Provost of Academic Planning and Facilities Bill Webster and Vice Chancellor of Capital Projects Ed Denton have a very tough responsibility: how do you move a campus designed 100 years ago into the 21st century without destroying it? Through designing for spontaneous collaboration, respecting the campus's classical core — and when looking at Evans Hall, saying "never again."
Bill Webster and Ed Denton
audio The Marian Feldman interview
12:13 minutes

Near East Studies professor Marian Feldman was about to go on a dig in Iraq when the first Gulf War broke out. Now, after the U.S.-led coalition forces failed to protect Iraq's museums and cultural sites, she and others have lost the chance to study precious artifacts of our shared civilization. "This was not a question of either safeguarding human lives or protecting the museum," she laments.
Marian Feldman
audio The Eric Stover interview
14:59 minutes

A 1970s sojourn in an Argentina prison set Eric Stover on the path that led him to become director of the Human Rights Center at UC Berkeley. Stover talks about his recent human-rights monitoring work in Iraq during the war, including uncovering Kurdish violations of international law and documenting the failure of U.S. forces to keep order.

•Read NewsCenter story of Stover's mission (with slideshow)
Eric stover
audio Top of Mind
4:10 minutes

Chancellor Berdahl expresses concern about how changes in U.S. foreign policy might affect international students' access to UC Berkeley. "I'm very troubled by a recent policy change of the State Department saying it plans to conduct face-to-face interviews with every person seeking a visa ... Obviously we're concerned with our security and we need to be vigilant" — but Berkeley's international students have contributed enormously to this country and to all the things it stands for, Berdahl says.
Bob Berdahl

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