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The battle for Berkeley's future

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Confronting the challenges of the affordability and access to higher education

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The Hewlett Challenge, the Energy Biosciences Institute, and equity and inclusion

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The Energy Biosciences Institute

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Introducing Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau

Sept. 2002 - April 2004
Episodes hosted by previous chancellor Robert M. Berdahl


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Dean Karen Kenney, Berdahl

Episode 18, May 26, 2004: Farewell to Chancellor Berdahl

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Last month's Election Special episode of Bear in Mind is being broadcast by UCTV each day this week (starting May 24). See UCTV's schedule for specific Bear in Mind airtimes, or visit the on-demand archive of past videotaped episodes. (UCTV is carried on Comcast Channel 33 in Berkeley.)

As this is Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl's final episode of Bear in Mind — he will be stepping down this summer — the crew decided that it was his turn to field questions ranging from the serious to the silly. Guest interviewer Karen Kenney, Dean of Students, quizzes the chancellor on what he'd learned in seven years of interacting with Berkeley students, while Academic Senate Chair Ron Gronsky asks whether Berdahl is at all nervous about the idea of teaching again. Marie Felde, Director of Media Relations, reminds the Chancellor about his first-ever job — on a Spam canning line — and asks whether he's looking forward to some time off. At the end of the program, Berdahl shares what's on the Top of his Mind: the role that he hopes Bear in Mind has played in the Berkeley community.

We'll miss him.

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Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
37:54 minutes

audio Introduction
0:53 minutes

Karen Kenney interviews Berdahl
11:08 minutes

Berdahl tells the Dean of Students how Berkeley students are different from those at other universities; accommodating free speech vs. civil disobedience; why he kept Berkeley open on September 11, 2001; and how he wishes that he had succeeded in making the campus more diverse. His favorite memory of students? The standing ovation they gave him at this year's Commencement Convocation, "which was much more than I would have ever expected," he says.

Karen Kenney

A Berdahl anecdote from John Cummins
1:13 minutes

"I won't tell Tien if you don't": By phone, the Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff recalls his first-ever conversation with Berdahl.


Ron Gronsky interviews Berdahl
9:11 minutes

Ron Gronsky, professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Chair of the Academic Senate, talks to Berdahl about the faculty side of his seven-year tenure. The chancellor shares his thoughts on attracting and retaining faculty, Berkeley's tradition of shared governance, and his excitement — and trepidation — about returning to teaching after almost 12 years.

Ron Gronsky

A Berdahl anecdote from Peg Skorpinski
1:07 minutes

Cat aprons and September 11 strength: By phone, the longtime campus photographer recalls her favorite encounters with Berdahl


Marie Felde interviews Berdahl
12:17 minutes

Director of Media Relations Marie Felde, one of the producers of Bear in Mind, takes the chancellor on a trip down memory lane, to a summer job as a meat packer. Will his perception of himself change once he's no longer top dog? Berdahl invokes a former chancellor, who said "You go from 'Who's who' to 'Who's he?'" but says that he will welcome anonymity. He discusses how the world's perception of Berkeley is constrained by history, and emphasizes that, while trying at times, this has been the "best job in the world." The show ends with Berdahl's answers to the (slightly modified) series of questions that close the interview show "Inside the Actor's Studio."

Marie Felde

Top of Mind
3:09 minutes

What Bear in Mind has meant to Berdahl: the more than 50 student, faculty, and staff guests he has interviewed have given him "a really special opportunity to learn, listen, and engage in conversation." The program was conceived to share with a wider audience the sense of intellectual energy flowing through the Berkeley commmunity. "I hope we succeeded," says Berdahl, "because Berkeley is truly a place like no other."


Robert M. Berdahl

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