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An international campus

February 2010
The battle for Berkeley's future

January 2008
Confronting the challenges of the affordability and access to higher education

September 2007
The Hewlett Challenge, the Energy Biosciences Institute, and equity and inclusion

March 2007
The Energy Biosciences Institute

Dec. 2006
Exploring intercollegiate athletics at UC Berkeley

Oct. 2005
From stem cells to smart buildings: The world of research at UC Berkeley

May 2005
Christopher Edley, Maria Mavroudi, and Tyrone Hayes on the challenges facing UC Berkeley

July 2004
Introducing Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau

Sept. 2002 - April 2004
Episodes hosted by previous chancellor Robert M. Berdahl


 (L-r) Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau meets with Berkeley faculty members Christopher Edley, Maria Mavroudi and Tyrone Hayes for a lively discussion at University House. (Bonnie Azab Powell photos)

May 24, 2005: Challenges facing UC Berkeley

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For this, his first episode as host of Bear in Mind, Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau invited Christopher Edley, dean of UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law; Maria Mavroudi, assistant professor of history and a MacArthur Fellow; and Tyrone Hayes, professor of integrative biology and Distinguished Teaching Award recipient, to join him at University House. The four conducted a lively, free-form discussion about the chancellor's plans and priorities for UC Berkeley, from faculty and student diversity to the state government's responsibility to its public educational institutions.

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Robert Birgeneau

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32:19 minutes

Jump to select clips:

audio Birgeneau's first months as chancellor
High-profile hires (and re-hires) for athletics, a public commitment to creating a more inclusive university, staff strikes, and the inauguration

audio Setting the stage for diversity
Why Birgeneau feels that Proposition 209, which ended affirmative action in California, is a failed experiment.

audio Student diversity
Given that Prop. 209 is state law, how can Berkeley create a more welcoming environment for underrepresented minorities?

audio Faculty diversity
"When you look at faculty diversity, Berkeley's record is, let's say … mixed, on issues of race and ethnicity and gender," says Edley. How can we improve it?

audio Issues facing female faculty
Birgeneau discusses a study he did while at MIT that found that female faculty became more dissatisfied with their careers the more successful they were.

audio Faculty recruitment and retention
Minority and female faculty are often hotly recruited by other universities. How can Berkeley attract them without paying star-level salaries and alienating existing faculty?

audio Staff salaries
Given the restrictions imposed by University of California salary formulas, how can the chancellor improve staff compensation?

audio State funding
Private support is important, but Birgeneau emphasizes that it's even more vital that the state government recognize its responsibility to fund its educational institutions adequately.

audio Private-sector strings
Hayes points out that in the absence of public funding, researchers are looking to the private sector for support. But there are concerns about what restrictions industry funding will impose.

audio UC Berkeley's biggest challenge
Birgeneau explains why he thinks that the ability to access California's entire talent pool is the most critical factor in maintaining the university's record of excellence.


Chris Edley
Maria Mavroudi
Tyrone Hayes


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