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An international campus

February 2010
The battle for Berkeley's future

January 2008
Confronting the challenges of the affordability and access to higher education

September 2007
The Hewlett Challenge, the Energy Biosciences Institute, and equity and inclusion

March 2007
The Energy Biosciences Institute

Dec. 2006
Exploring intercollegiate athletics at UC Berkeley

Oct. 2005
From stem cells to smart buildings: The world of research at UC Berkeley

May 2005
Christopher Edley, Maria Mavroudi, and Tyrone Hayes on the challenges facing UC Berkeley

July 2004
Introducing Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau

Sept. 2002 - April 2004
Episodes hosted by previous chancellor Robert M. Berdahl


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Chancellor Berdahl interviews members of the campus community

In this third installment of "Bear in Mind," the chancellor's online radio-style show, listen in as Chancellor Berdahl talks to public-policy professor and defense expert Michael Nacht, Lasker Award winner Randy Schekman, Human Rights Fellowship recipient Krisjon Rae Olson, and Cal impresario Robert Cole, followed by Berdahl's farewell to beloved former chancellor Chang-Lin Tien.

A new episode will be available every month. Want to suggest someone for an interview? Send Bear In Mind an email.

The interviews below (audio only) are in RealPlayer format.

Episode Three, Nov. 7, 2002:

audio Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
46:23 minutes
audio Introduction: "Welcome to the third edition of Bear in Mind" ...
1:17 minutes

The Michael Nacht interview
12:01 minutes

Michael Nacht, the Aaron Wildavsky Dean and Professor of Public Policy, also chairs an advisory panel on terrorism for the Secretary of Defense. Nacht shares the ways in which the U.S. remains vulnerable even a year after 9/11, discusses whether war with Iraq will prove a costly distraction from the campaign against terrorism, and tells why, in the messy laboratory of international affairs, you only get one crack at experiments.



Michael Nacht
Photos by Bonnie Powell


The Randy Schekman interview
10:36 minutes

Molecular and cell biology professor Randy Schekman, winner of the prestigious Lasker Award, speculates on the future of basic cell research; makes the case for "creative tension" among scientific disciplines like biology, chemistry, and physics; and tells how the new buildings earmarked for Berkeley's Health Sciences Initiative will nurture that tension.

  Randy Schekman

The Krisjon Rae Olson interview
6:28 minutes

Krisjon Rae Olson, Berkeley graduate student in anthropology, received a Human Rights and Justice Fellowship to spend last summer at the Center for Conflict Management in Rwanda. She talks by phone to the Chancellor about the 120,000 people in Rwandan prisons awaiting trial for genocide; the government's Organic Law of 2001, which empowers ordinary Rwandans to act as judges of their accused neighbors; and why all Berkeley students have a obligation to take up issues that matter to them.


The Robert Cole interview
11:50 minutes

Robert Cole, director of Berkeley's world-famous Cal Performances program, tells why dancers like Mark Morris and performers like Yo-Yo Ma feel so at home in Zellerbach Hall, wonders why the arts have always been undernourished in America, and explains how students can get even front-row tickets at half price anytime.

  Robert Cole
audio Top of Mind
4:09 minutes

Saying farewell to former Chancellor Chang-Lin Tien, the "perpetual motion machine" who always gave the sense that the best was yet to come, even in the middle of demoralizing budget cuts. (Read the Tien obituary.)


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