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Natalie Coughlin and Robert Berdahl

Episode 11, October 22, 2003

Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl interviews senior and Olympic swimming contender Natalie Coughlin; Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Christina Maslach; and Henry Brady, political science professor and an expert on voting systems.

The audio-only interviews below are in RealPlayer format; a transcript of the interviews is also available. Share your thoughts on this episode and suggestions for guests via e-mail to bearshow@uclink.berkeley.edu.


Hear the entire episode from start to finish ...
32:46 minutes | Read the transcript transcript

audio Introduction
1:20 minutes

The Natalie Coughlin interview
8:14 minutes | Transcript transcript

Natalie Coughlin, a fourth-year Psychology major and Cal's most celebrated athlete, holds 17 U.S. records and 5 world records for swimming. Here, she talks about what it takes to be a swimmer and a student, her training regimen for her second Olympics, what it's like to break a world record, why she picked Cal, and what life may hold for her after swimming.


Natalie Coughlin
audio The Christina Maslach interview
11:20 minutes | Transcript transcript

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Christina Maslach, much honored for her teaching skills before taking up her administrative post, tells how recent survey results indicate that the majority of UC Berkeley students are pleased with the quality of their education. Yet despite this, Maslach is seeking to improve the undergraduate experience further, from involving students in research to utilizing technology to make large lecture classes more personal.
Christina Maslach
audio The Henry Brady interview
12:08 minutes | Transcript transcript

Political science professor Henry Brady, an expert on voting systems, testified before the U.S. District Court when it briefly postponed the California recall election. Here, he and the chancellor discuss how polling and incessant media coverage affected the election results; what those results could mean for California and the 2004 Presidential election; and how archaic punch-card ballots disenfranchise too many people trying to vote.
Henry Brady

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