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February 2010
The battle for Berkeley's future

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Confronting the challenges of the affordability and access to higher education

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The Hewlett Challenge, the Energy Biosciences Institute, and equity and inclusion

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The Energy Biosciences Institute

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Exploring intercollegiate athletics at UC Berkeley

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From stem cells to smart buildings: The world of research at UC Berkeley

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Christopher Edley, Maria Mavroudi, and Tyrone Hayes on the challenges facing UC Berkeley

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Introducing Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau

Sept. 2002 - April 2004
Episodes hosted by previous chancellor Robert M. Berdahl


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Chancellor Berdahl interviews members of the campus community

In this second installment of "Bear in Mind," the chancellor's online radio-style show, listen in as Chancellor Berdahl interviews football coach Jeff Tedford, who brought the Bears their first winning streak in ages, and — in honor of last week's Cal Community Action Days — three members of the campus community who are making a difference every day.

A new episode will be available every month. Want to suggest someone for an interview? Send Bear In Mind an email.

The interviews below (audio only) are in RealPlayer format.

Episode Two, Oct. 7, 2002:

audio This is Chancellor Berdahl. You are listening to Bear in Mind ...
1:22 minutes
audio The Jeff Tedford interview
13:54 minutes

Coach Jeff Tedford tells how he set about instilling a new sense of leadership in the Bears football team, the advantages of using a checkerboard instead of a chalkboard for teaching plays, and how at UC Berkeley, the phrase "student athlete" means academic achievement first and sports second — even if that sometimes requires giving up training time for tutoring.

Coach Jeff Tedford
Photo by John Dunbar


The Arthur Blaustein interview
9:46 minutes

Professor Blaustein, author of "Make a Difference: Your Guide to Community Service and Volunteering" and a professor of urban and social policy, tells how he was inspired to volunteer by President John F. Kennedy, recalls his challenges in Alabama during the civil rights fight, and explains the mission of the AmeriCorps program, whose Berkeley chapter he founded.

  Arthur Blaustein

The Karen Ringuette/Matt Singer interview
5:26 minutes

A senior publications coordinator for the statewide California Social Work Education Center, Karen Ringuette tutors fellow Berkeley employees through the Cal Literacy and Skills Project. Matt Singer, a 4th year pre-med student, has been an active volunteer since freshman year. He now directs an on-campus program called Alternative Breaks, which helps students find volunteering and community service opportunities during school holidays.

  Karen Ringuette and Matt Singer
audio Top of Mind
4:40 minutes

What the chancellor's thinking about: new statistics confirming that Berkeley is a place of opportunity for people from all over the world, plus faculty award winners Randy Schekman and Pedro Sanchez.


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