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Friday, 24 June 2016

1. A New Technique That Lets Scientists Edit DNA Is Transforming Science And Raising Difficult Questions

What if we could edit the DNA of a person's cells to prevent them from developing a life-threatening disease? A research team led by Jennifer Doudna, a UC Berkeley biology professor and investigator, has explored this possibility for the past four years with the introduction of CRISPR, a laboratory-made molecule that can be programmed to find mutated or diseased DNA. So far, CRISPR has been tested in blocking the HIV virus and preventing Huntington's Disease. Doudna's team expects this new technology to make its way into future research on alternative fuels, electric energy and basic health and wellness.
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2. Neptune Has a New Dark Spot and It's as Big as the U.S.

UC Berkeley research astronomer Mike Wong led a research team that analyzed data from the Hubble Space Telescope and determined Neptune has a dark vortex the size of the U.S. floating in its atmosphere. Dark vortices, like the one currently found on Neptune, are high-pressure systems shaped like a pancake which are usually found alongside bright clouds formed by frozen methane crystals. Wong says this observation can teach astronomers about atmosphere on other planets. This story also appears in The Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, FOX News, and Tech Times. See UC Berkeley's press release here.
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3. Forecast: San Francisco office leasing may hit headwinds
San Francisco Business Times

The Bay Area's tech boom has slowed down since the start of the year, which could mean office space rent in the Bay Area will begin lowering, says Ken Rosen, chair of UC Berkeley's Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics. "Jobs translate into demand for office space. So if there is job loss, we will have less demand," says Rosen.
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4. Opinion: A big idea for Hillary
San Francisco Chronicle

"The best way to ensure that everyday Americans get a fair deal is to make our democracy work again," says public policy professor Robert Reich. With the presidential elections gaining momentum, confidence in politics has decreased, and big money is the major culprit, which is an issue Hilary Clinton should address if she wants to win voters, says Reich.
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5. Best Schools For A Computer Science Degree
College Choice

UC Berkeley ranks as the number one school in the nation for schools who offer computer science degrees. A variety of sources, including the U.S. News and World Report and the National Center for Educational Statistics, says UC Berkeley is the best school to attend to earn your degree in computer electrical engineering, programming and computer engineering.
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