Berkeley in the News

TV news highlights

  • Broadcast highlights: Berkeley wins its 22nd Nobel PrizeSpring 2014 (5:33 min)

    Berkeley wins its 22nd Nobel Prize; Chancellor Nicholas Dirks promotes the value of public higher education; PBS airs prize-winning UC Berkeley documentary; How climate change and violence are related; Berkeley hires the first “Wikipedian-in-Residence," and more

  • Broadcast highlights: New athletic classes for the disabled and abled bodiedFall 2013 (5:40 min)

    New athletic classes for the disabled and abled bodied; A study on sleep and memory retention; Jack Gallant’s mind reading device, Genetically modifying Sorghum to battle world hunger; A Chinese documentary on student life at Berkeley, Hazardous flame retardants, an African School built by Haas Alumni, and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: Berkeley goes to the OlympicsFall 2012 (5:20 min)

    Berkeley goes to the Olympics; CNN talks to student veterans from the Iraq war; PBS Newshour on Berkeley's breakthrough science on human vision; local coverage of campus research and events, including Memorial Stadium's reopening and the announced retirement of Chancellor Birgeneau, and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: Nobel Prize winner Saul PerlmutterFall 2011 (5:24 min)

    Worldwide coverage of UC Berkeley professor Saul Perlmutter’s Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery that the universe is expanding; The Science Channel highlights Berkeley’s groundbreaking work on artificial materials that can bend light in unconventional ways; local TV covers UC Berkeley’s new financial aid plan for middle class families, and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: National news coverage of UC Berkeley’s Spring 2011 (4:46 min)

    National news coverage of UC Berkeley’s "Austin Exoskeleton" research and graduating senior Austin Whitney using the device at Commencement; local stations turn to Berkeley’s nuclear experts for information on Japan's nuclear crisis; Prof. Michael Manga on the History Channel's "Journey to the Earth’s Core"; PBS' NOVA highlights the energy work of Prof. Dan Kammen and Energy Sec (and UCB prof) Steve Chu, and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: NBC Nightly News covers UC Berkeley’s Fall 2010 (6:15 min)

    NBC Nightly News covers UC Berkeley’s "Science of Happiness" research; CBS Evening News talks to Prof. Geoffrey Nunberg about Google's new book database; Bloomberg News broadcasts exclusive interview profile of Prof. Christina Romer; PBS highlights Prof. Ulrike Malmendier's study on spending habits; CBS Interactive reports on UC Berkeley's "Brain Stimulation" research; and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: CBS 60 Minutes interviews Bob Bea about the Gulf oil spillSpring 2010 (5:00 min)

    CBS “60 Minutes” interviews Prof. Bob Bea about the Gulf oil spill; PBS “Newshour” reports on the upcoming autobiography of Mark Twain with Twain Project director, Robert Hirst; Science Channel “Through the Wormhole” interviews grad student Julie Comerford about black holes; National Geographic Channel “Naked Science” talks to Prof. Geoff Marcy about the hunt for earth-like planets; and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: Nobel Prize to Oliver WilliamsonFall 2009 (6:53 min)

    Berkeley's newest Nobel Prize winner; Oprah talks to UCPD about the Dugard kidnapping case; Bill Clinton comes to campus; professor Tim White on 4.4 million-year-old "Ardi"; Japanese-Americans get their belated Cal degrees; professors Ron Fearing and Paul Birkmeyer invent robotic roaches; and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: Steve Chu nominated as energy secretarySpring 2009 (6:34 min)

    Poisoned African lions on 60 Minutes; Dan Kammen discusses carbon capture; Chancellor Birgeneau lobbies for undocumented students on Good Morning America; Stephen Hinshaw talks about "The Triple Bind" facing America's girls on the Today Show; John Coates examines the possibility of life on Mars; Jay Keasling makes an apperarance on Comedy Central's Cobert Report, and more.

  • Broadcast highlights: Steve Chu nominated as energy secretaryFall 2008 (7:10 min)

    President-elect Barack Obama nominates UC Berkeley professors Steve Chu to be energy secretary and Christina Romer to head his Council of Economic Advisors; Laura Tyson and Jacob Hackeron discuss the economic challenges facing the new administration; Dan Kammen's "Ecopolis" series; "invisibility" research, biology-inspired robots, and more.

  • The Science of Sleep on 60 MinutesSpring 2008 (10:33 min)

    Professor Matt Walker tells 60 Minutes about new discoveries in the "Science of Sleep"; UC Berkeley courses webcast to the world; student veterans welcomed at Berkeley; researchers send satellites to look for the cause of auroras; Berkeley professors study the changing status of plants and animals in our ecosystems, and more.