NEWS RELEASE, 05/20/98

Rise at UC Berkeley in percentage of admitted applicants intending to register; underrepresented minorities are 10.5 percent of total fall '98 pool

By Jesus Mena, Public Affairs

BERKELEY -- The fall 1998 freshman class at the University of California, Berkeley, is taking shape with 3,660 applicants reporting their intent to register.

The percentage of admitted applicants opting to enroll at UC Berkeley is up slightly from last year. This percentage - the yield rate - is 44.1 percent this year compared to 43.6 percent in fall 1997.

"Berkeley remains an exceptional academic institution that is extremely attractive to students from all ethnicities and diverse backgrounds," said Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl. Berdahl launched an aggressive drive this year to recruit exceptional students, especially those from underrepresented minority groups.

Genaro Padilla, vice chancellor for undergraduate affairs, also reacted positively to the large number of students choosing UC Berkeley.

"I am encouraged by the percentage of admitted minority students choosing Berkeley," said Padilla. "Despite concern that our yield rates would be lower, these results show that all students continue to see Berkeley as a center of intellectual vitality."

Padilla added that the new outreach and recruitment campaign has proven effective.

"I particularly want to commend the numerous students, faculty and staff who participated in our outreach and recruitment efforts," he said. "The hours they spent answering questions about academic and social life made students' decisions to choose Berkeley much easier in this highly competitive environment."

Of the total pool of admitted students who have filed statements of intent to register, underrepresented minorities comprise 10.5 percent or 376 students. More specifically, Chicanos make up 5.18 percent of incoming freshmen - 185 students. Seventy-nine Latinos, 2.21 percent of the total pool, intend to register. African Americans will comprise 2.75 percent of the total group, or 98 students. American Indians make up 0.39 percent, or 14 members of the fall freshman class.

The campus saw a slight increase in the percentage of white students intent on registering. A total of 1,083 whites are opting to enroll at UC Berkeley next fall - 30.34 percent of the total pool. This percentage is up from 28.81 percent in fall 1997.

The number of Asian American students also has risen to 1,527 incoming freshmen - 42.79 percent of the students intending to register. This is an increase from 1997 when they comprised 41.75 percent of the total freshman pool.

The 48 students planning to enroll who stated their ethnicity as "Other" make up 1.34 percent of the total pool for fall 1998. Those who declined to state their race or ethnicity comprise 14.99 percent of incoming students - 535 students. This is a substantial increase from last year, when incoming freshmen in this category comprised 5.53 percent of the total pool.

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