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Add a new A-Z web registry listing

The A-Z web registry serves as a central directory for all official UC Berkeley websites, making it easy to find these sites.

If your site does not appear in the current A-Z listings, please add a new listing. Note the following guidelines:

  • Register only the main page of your department, unit or program's official website. In general, do not register subpages or subsections of your site. We also will consider registering sites that are heavily accessed.
  • Personal and commercial pages are not eligible.
  • Course websites are handled through the Online Class Schedule.
  • Student organization sites should be registered through the Campus Life and Leadership office's Student Organizations Registry.

If you believe your site is eligible for inclusion in the registry, then please:

Update an existing A-Z web registry listing

If your site does appear in the current A-Z listings, please:

Contact the A-Z web registry

If you want to contact us on matters other than adding or updating a listing, use this form to submit your questions or comments.