Development, recognition, fellowships

Training, workshops & other learning opportunities

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching and Resource Center: Orientation conferences, pedagogical workshops, seminars and institutes for GSIs and workshops for faculty mentors of GSIs.

Know Your Library Workshops: Short classes on specific topics, offering essentials on how to use the library and the web for research. Open to members of the campus community and the public.

Educational Technology Training Workshops: Workshops on basic and advanced use of  bSpace, including integrating multi-media, assignments, quizzes, and grading, and managing large classes in bSpace.

American Cultures Spotlight Series: Conversations with faculty, staff, and students on a variety of issues from civic engagement through the American Cultures classroom to the teaching of race, genetics, and science.

Committee on Teaching Forum: An occasional series, led by faculty, on pedagogical issues of campus-wide interest.

Grants and fellowships

Presidential Chair Fellows: A two-semester series of workshops and seminars on teaching and learning, for ladder-rank Senate faculty. The application deadline is typically in June.

Lecturer Teaching Fellows: Designed especially for long-term campus lecturers, this year-long program focuses on pedagogical issues of special concern to this group.

Instructional Improvement Grants / Instructional Minigrants: The former provide funds for innovative projects to improve teaching and learning; the latter is a one-time grant to support moderate equipment purchases when other funds are unavailable or limited. In each case, teaching faculty, including lecturers, and staff with academic responsibilities are eligible to apply. The deadline is typically in early May.

Course-Improvement Grants for GSIs: Modest funds for projects to enhance student learning and increase the GSI's teaching effectiveness. Applications are accepted year round.

GSI Departmental Grants: Provide support for departmental programs that prepare GSIs for teaching. The application deadline is typically in April.

Berkeley Language Center Fellowships: Two types of fellowships — one providing lecturers with release time to work on projects furthering their professional development, the other supporting GSIs' work on projects to improve language instruction in their department and enhance their professional development. The application deadlines are typically in early February.



Distinguished Teaching Award: Annual honoring for a handful of stellar teachers, awarded by the faculty Committee on Teaching.

Educational Initiatives Award (for departments or programs): Annual award honoring a department, unit, or group of faculty that has created an outstanding program or initiative for undergraduate education.

Faculty Award for Outstanding Mentorship of GSIs: Annual award, for both Senate- and non-Senate faculty.

Sarlo Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Awards: Awarded annually to one senior and one junior faculty member by the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate for the mentoring of graduate students.

Outstanding GSI Award: Annual award recognizing graduate-student instructors for exemplary teaching of undergraduates.

Teaching Effectiveness Award for GSIs: Annual award for outstanding graduate-student instructors, based on an essay describing their solution to an identified teaching or learning problem.

American Cultures Innovations in Teaching Award : An annual award for faculty or staff who have supported pedagogical innovation in the American Cultures classroom.