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Distinguished Teachers

Ron Gronsky
"An engineer cannot back away from a problem because he or she 'doesn't understand it,'" says Ron Gronsky. "The will to succeed drives the will to understand, which eventually, at least in Berkeley engineering students, brings a solution."
Tyrone Hayes
Removing the wall between teaching and research, Tyrone Hayes' undergrad biology students work in the laboratory, co-author papers, and present at professional societies.
Sara Beckman
At the Haas School of Business, a mix of engineering and business students in Sara Beckman's new product- development class start with an idea and, over 15 weeks, learn how to transform it into a prototype product.
Stephen Welter
Environmental sciences prof Stephen Welter examines an issue and the difficult tradeoffs involved, and then challenges students to start from a strong ethical base in order to examine their own assumptions and decisions.


Carolyn Bertozzi
Students say Carolyn Bertozzi has a passion for chemistry. "My philosophy is to recapture in each lecture the thrill I felt when it was revealed to me that molecules are as diverse as human beings. Some are high energy, others more complacent..."
Glynda Hull
Education Professor Glynda Hull is a teacher's teacher. In the classroom, Hull inspires her students to imagine how they will make their mark on the world.
H. Mack Horton
East Asian studies
Teaching Japanese classics, H. Mack Horton makes texts that deeply mattered to earlier generations come alive again, allowing the past to illuminate the path ahead in this new millennium.
Linda Williams
Teaching film studies, says Linda Williams, requires finding the right tension between work and play — between disciplined intellectual inquiry and outright sensual pleasure.

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