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Robert Full

Biomechanics / Unlocking the secrets of animal locomotion

Cockroaches may some day inherit the Earth, but before they do, Robert Full plans to learn all their secrets. Full studies insects, crabs, and lizards for insight into nature's engineering: how they run, bypass obstacles and navigate. His findings have led to the fastest self-controlled robot, artificial muscles, and more. Flash slideshow More >


Jay Keasling

Health / Making a miracle affordable

Malaria kills more than one million children each year. Jay Keasling describes his new technique for producing the miracle anti-malarial drug artemisinin in a way that is inexpensive enough for the world's poor.
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Graffiti in an Iraqi prison

Human rights / Probing the heart of darkness

Under the auspices of the campus's Human Rights Center, now 15, director Eric Stover and his colleagues journey regularly to countries reeling from war, repression, and genocide to quietly, methodically, and scientifically document their effects on local populations and, perhaps, help attain some measure of justice. More >

Conservation / What flowers do bees like best?

Urban gardens can provide relief to endangered species of bees, says Berkeley entomologist Gordon Frankie. His research team studies which plants the insects prefer, and shares its findings with the public on a popular website. More >
kid in EEG cap

Neuroscience / Socioeconomic status and the brain

Using EEGs, scientists discover differences between rich and poor kids' prefrontal cortex — the part of the brain that is critical for problem solving and creativity. More >
The Triple Bind cover

Psychology/ Girls under pressure

The idea that teenage girls should be brainy, athletic, nurturing, and look like supermodels — while juggling homework, social networking and resumé-padding activities — is fueling a generational mental-health crisis, says Berkeley psychologist Stephen Hinshaw. audio slideshow More >

Mark TwainLiterature / Mark Twain Papers

Here lies the body of Mark Twain. Not the grave, but the living body of Twain's literary work, housed at the Bancroft Library, which continues to publish "new works" by Twain.
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EBI logo Energy / Carbon-neutral biofuels

UC Berkeley has joined forces with the energy giant, BP, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the University of Illinois in a $500 million quest to develop carbon-neutral fuel sources. It's a challenge that has been called "'our generation's moonshot." More >

Sociology / Understanding a world on the move

EarthSociologist Irene Bloemraad, an expert in the field of immigration, seeks to raise the profile of migration studies at Berkeley, where a new generation of students from immigrant families is coming of age.
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