Work Continues on Human Resource Initiatives

While the UC Office of the President has not yet made a formal proposal, work is continuing on the Human Resource Initiatives concepts first presented to campus last fall.

Three work groups have been formed, including campus staff and managers, to help develop detailed plans.

The work groups are:

o Human Resources Philosophy. This group will focus on implementation of the philosophy statement included in last fall's Human Resources Initiatives document. Members will investigate ways to put the philosophy into practice in day-to-day human resource activities.

o Classification/Compensation. This group will work on specifics of the classification and compensation concepts included in the Human Resource Initiatives document.

o Policy. This work group will be examining the specifics of the "minimalist policy framework" outlined in the document.

The Human Resource Initiatives project team expects that detailed programs will be presented to campus in the next few months, in a variety of formats that may include focus groups, open forums, written communications and small group meetings.

Look for the text of the August 1994 Human Resource Initiatives document, as well as more information about the initiatives, on the Berkeley Campus Personnel Office gopher under Personnel News.

(The Human Resource Initiatives apply to staff employees who are members of the A&PS, MAP and SPP programs. For employees who are exclusively represented, any proposals are subject to bargaining.)


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