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Phone Rates Change

On Jan. 1, when phone rates were restructured in California, changes experienced by the campus included a drop in rates for calls close to home--including area codes 415, 510, 707 and part of area code 408--and a jump in rates for some other services. These include dedicated analog data circuits, non-642 and non-643 numbers installed on campus, and lines located more than 2.5 miles from campus.

Because campus rates already included a network discount, costs on calls in nearby area codes may have dropped less on campus than in some other locations. Telecommunications is passing on to all customers any cost savings the campus receives.

As for line rates themselves, the increases experienced by most business and residential customers throughout the state were larger than on the Berkeley campus. This is because a contract negotiated with Pacific Bell in 1993 guarantees a fixed rate for many campus services, including for all voice lines with the 642 or 643 prefix.

Questions about rate structures should be directed to Judy Roberts of Telecommunication Services at 642-4217 or jmr@uclink.

Order That Auto Or Maybe a Truck

Campus departments have from January through March to place new vehicle orders through Fleet Services. All new vehicles must be purchased through mandatory participation in the state's purchasing program.

It is required that campus departments adhere to using the contract and that vehicle purchases be made during the ordering window, according to officials in Fleet Services.

The next window in which to place vehicle orders will be January 1996.

Fleet Services can assist departments in determining the best vehicle for their needs if they complete a vehicle requirement analysis form and return it by Feb. 17.

The form is used by Fleet Services to assess department vehicle needs, determine vehicle specifications and make purchase recommendations.

For more information or to obtain an analysis form, contact Ben Diaz at 643-5490 or bpdiaz@ uclink2.

Postage Goes Up

You probably noticed that effective Jan. 1 a first-class stamp cost you three cents more. However, you may not know that third-class regular bulk rate increased 14 percent at the same time and the library rate jumped a whooping 72 percent.

Other rate changes were also imposed. All total, the new rate structure is expected to cost the campus an additional $300,000 this year alone.

To find the best deal for your mailings under the new rates, consult the January issue of It's In The Mail, a bimonthly newsletter from Mailing Services. Subscriptions are free. Contact Leonor Godinez at 643-6404 or lgodinez@uclink.

Education Abroad Recruits Directors

The Education Abroad Program is looking for directors to administer study centers in Australia, Chile and Costa Rica. Tenured UC faculty, emeriti and some lecturers are eligible to apply for the two-year, resident positions. Applications are due by Feb. 13. For information, call (805) 893-3677.

Children's Film Festival

The Pacific Film Archive is hosting an International Children's Film Festival through Feb. 25 featuring films from around the world particularly of interest to children. Show times are Saturdays and Sundays at 3 p.m. All tickets are $3. Titles include "The Silver Stallion King of the Wild Brumbies," an Australian film for ages 6 and up, and "Idomeneo," an adaptation of a Mozart opera for older children. For details, call 642-1412.

How Is Your School?

Families new to Berkeley are always eager for first-hand information on local schools, says Becky White of Community Living. Any information you can share would be much appreciated. Comments will be compiled into a guide on local education from preschool to high school. Contact White at 643-6544 to contribute.


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