Mitchell of Irvine Signs On As BAS Vice Chancellor

by Fernando Quintero

As successor to Dan Boggan, new Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services Horace Mitchell has some pretty big shoes to fill. For the former vice chancellor of Student Affairs and Campus Life at UC Irvine, it just may be a perfect fit.

"We searched for the very best and that is just what we found," said Chancellor Tien. "Horace Mitchell is a dynamic individual with strong interpersonal and management skills. Given the important initiatives BAS (Business and Administrative Services) has under way, having the right person for the job was of utmost importance."

For Boggan, who left last October to fill a top post at the National Collegiate Athletic Association headquarters in Kansas, one of his final major accomplishments was combining the skills and expertise of several BAS managers to create a stronger management team. The formation of six organizational clusters will help BAS provide leadership without interrupting the three Berkeley Administrative Initiatives--online financial, and payroll and personnel systems, and an automated employment system.

Mitchell's strengths in the areas of people skills, vision and management of income generating units made him a good match for leading BAS and the campus through orga-nizational change and the implementation of the initiatives.

"I'm impressed with his knowledge of people and management," said Leroy Bean, BAS acting vice chancellor. "Horace is taking over the leadership of BAS at a time when his understanding of how people respond to change will benefit the entire campus community."

On the telephone, Mitchell reveals many similarities to his predecessor. He is personable, positive and productive.

"I'm excited about the job. I look forward to bigger, more challenging responsibilities as vice chancellor. I look forward to applying some of my own ideas to the work that's already being done," he said.

Mitchell added that part of his excitement about coming to Berkeley was the opportunity to work with Tien again. The chancellor was a colleague of Mitchell's when he served as executive vice chancellor at Irvine between 1988 and 1990.

Before he joined UC Irvine in 1978, Mitchell worked for 10 years as an academic administrator and faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his doctoral degree in 1974. In 1984, while serving as associate dean for student and curricular affairs in the College of Medicine at Irvine, Mitchell was appointed vice chancellor. His responsibilities included overseeing such diverse areas as athletics, financial aid, housing, student health and counseling services, international services, and a major conference center.

Mitchell currently serves on UC's Universitywide Campus Community Task Force, a group composed of faculty, students and staff that formed to establish a framework upon which a common understanding and appreciation for the concept of campus community may be constructed.

Mitchell, a licensed psychologist who at Irvine held a faculty appointment as associate clinical professor of psychiatry and human behavior, is a nationally known expert in the areas of strategic planning and diversity. His teaching and research interests focus on student development and the social psychology of African-American families.

Mitchell and his wife, Barbara, have three children and one grandchild.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Mitchell is widely recognized for his community service. He currently chairs the board of the United Way of Orange County and is past president of the board of directors of the Volunteer Center of Greater Orange County.


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