Candidates Sought for Dean of Undergraduate Studies

After seeking the advice of the Academic Senate, the Vice Chancellor Carol Christ has decided to create a new dean of Undergraduate Studies.

The new deanship will take effect July 1 of this year and will coincide with Dean Donald McQuade's stepping down from his post in Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies.

The new position will combine responsibility for directing Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies programs with broader responsibilities for the quality of undergraduate education across the campus. The job description of the new position identifies the dean's responsibilities as follows:

The dean of Undergraduate Studies oversees campuswide programs affecting the education of undergraduates and all programs housed in the Division of Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies.

The dean promotes campuswide discussion of and action on undergraduate education issues.

He/she is responsible for advocating undergraduate academic interests for the campus as a whole and for developing policies and programs that affect areas such as course offerings satisfying general education and general campus requirements, undergraduate research, the freshman and sophomore curriculum.

The dean is responsible for monitoring the sufficiency of places offered in gateway courses and courses satisfying general campus requirements.

He/she facilitates both the involvement of all departments and schools in undergraduate education and their cooperation in providing undergraduate offerings.

The dean has full administrative responsibility for all group majors and interdepartmental undergraduate interdisciplinary programs in the College of Letters and Science, for the American Cultures Center, for ROTC, for the Professional Development Program and for the Freshman Seminar Program.

The search is limited to Berkeley campus applicants.

Nominations or applications should be sent by April 14 to Professor Anne Middleton, chair for the Search Committee for Dean of Undergraduate Studies, 200 California Hall.


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