Fees Up for New Students in Professional Schools

Graduate level professional school students who enter UC programs next fall will pay $1,000 to $2,000 more in special professional school fees than current students under a schedule approved March 17 by the Board of Regents.

The fee increases apply only to students who enter in fall 1995, not to any current students.

New medical school students will pay $1,000 more in professional school fees than current students, as will students in dentistry and veterinary medicine. Entering law students will pay $2,000 more in the fall, as will business students at Berkeley, Davis, Los Angeles and Irvine. Business students at Riverside will pay $1,000 additional.

The selected professional school fees are in addition to regular graduate school fees that all graduate school students pay.

Current regular graduate level fees are $4,585 annually, on top of which students who entered professional schools in fall 1994 pay $2,376 for medicine and law and $2,000 for business, dentistry and veterinary medicine.

As with other fee increases, one third of the increase will be devoted to financial aid, including loan forgiveness programs for professional school students.


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