Injunction Halts Proposition 187 On Campuses

On March 15, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stuart R. Pollack issued an order granting a preliminary injunction in the state court Proposition 187 litigation.

The order prohibits implementation of all provisions of Proposition 187 affecting admission or registration of students until further notice.

The following statement, which the judge ordered published in campus newspapers, appeared in the Friday, March 24, Daily Californian.

To University of California Students, Faculty and Staff:

Please take notice that pursuant to court order, Sections 8 and 9 of Proposition 187, i.e., those provisions affecting student admission or registration, have been enjoined and are not being enforced pending further court order. Specifically:

Students and applicants will not be prohibited from attending or continuing in their enrollment based on the provisions of Sections 8 or 9 of Proposition 187; and

Students and applicants will only be asked to verify their immigration status for the sole purpose of determining their residency status for tuition purposes; and

No information regarding any student or applicant will be transmitted to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, directly or indirectly, pursuant to Sections 8 or 9 of Proposition 187.


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