News Briefs

Shining Examples

More than 200 graduate student instructors received awards last month for exceptional teaching and commitment to their work with undergraduates.

Chancellor Tien also presented 15 additional awards of $500 each to instructors who developed solutions to address specific teaching problems encountered in their classes or laboratories. Awards are sponsored by the Graduate Division.

Staff Appreciation Day

Staff Appreciation Day will be held June 13 from 2 to 4 p.m. in Faculty Glade.

Volunteers are needed to help. Call Kay Goldberg, 643-0877, or John Bain, 642-4100.

Women Who Write

The University YWCA will host a Festival of Women Authors May 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Berkeley Marina Marriott. Anne Lamott, Belle Yang, Bebe Moore Campbell and Joanne Meschery will be on hand for readings and autographs. Cost is $65.

For information call 848-6370.

Grant Requests Due

The final deadline this academic year for submission of instructional minigrant and classroom technologies grant applications is May 22. Both grant programs are sponsored by the Academic Senate's Committee on Teaching.

Applications submitted after the due date will not be considered until next year's grant programs begin sometime after July 1.

If you have questions about either of the grant programs or need application forms, contact Michael Hardie at the Office of Educational Development, 403 Sproul, 642-6392, mthoed@uclink.

Sell Your Books Direct

It used to be you had to sell your used textbooks through a bookstore, but now Tau Beta Pi has cut out the middleman with an online service. People can post and read advertisements for class books on the Used Textbook Exchange Market sponsored by the campus engineering honor society.

Reach the free service on the World Wide Web at or email tbp@server. for information.

Faculty Can Call In

A new set of high-speed modems for Berkeley faculty use only has been installed on campus to provide better remote access to the campus network.

For now, 32 new modems are in place with plans to expand to 128 by next month. The service has been made possible by funding from the chancellor's office.

To use these modems, faculty members must have something called a home ip account, available on campus. To obtain the account, telnet to home-ip.berkeley. edu and login using the name home-ip. Instructions to open the account will appear on screen.

If you are denied access to the faculty modem service and you are a faculty member, contact User and Account Services at 642-7355 or send email to accounts@garnet.

If you need help getting your home computer to work with the new modems, contact Workstation Software Support at 642-8899. For other problems with the new service, there is a 24-hour trouble number available at 642-4920.

Internet for Teachers

A $100 stipend will be provided for middle and high school math and science teachers selected to attend an upcoming three-day workshop on the Internet sponsored by Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

The workshop will be held June 26 to 28 on campus. It is intended for everyone from novices to expert Internet surfers. Applications are due May 27.

For further details or applications, contact Sheila Humphreys at 643-8205 or humphrys@EECS.berkeley. edu.

Fulbright Scholars

Application booklets for the 1996-97 Fulbright Scholar Program, Grants for Faculty and Professionals, are now available in the Graduate Fellowships and Appointment Office in 318 Sproul Hall.

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers grants to U.S. citizens who are university faculty as well as professionals and independent scholars. Application deadline is Aug. 1.

A video on the fellowships program is also available for checkout. Call 642-7665 or email brmount@ uclink for more details.

Stay Here This Summer

This summer, campus visitors can rent a room in a student residence hall between June 1 and Aug. 14.

Rooms are available at 2424 Channing Way, the university's newest housing unit, for $38 a night single occupancy and $48 double occupancy.

The facility sports spacious rooms, a terraced courtyard and large recreation area conveniently located less than two blocks from campus and close to shops and restaurants on Telegraph Avenue.

Reservations are recommended but not required. For information, call 642-4444 before June 1 or 642-5925 after that date.


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