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Director Sought

A half-time director for the Instructional Technology Program for the '95-'96 academic year, with a possible extension, is being sought by Information Systems and Technology. The deadline to apply is July 1.

The director will manage a group of professionals to design, implement, monitor and regularly update a mix of activities that support and encourage effective use of technology for instruction on campus.

Qualifications include experience teaching college courses using instructional technology and a track record in forming and maintaining partnerships to bring about change in higher education, as well as experience designing and administering research grants. A PhD or EdD in a related field is required.

For more information, call Linda Erskine at 642-9296.

A Rat's Eye View

Make like a rat in a maze at the Lawrence Hall of Science, where a life-size labyrinth opened May 6 to challenge both your senses and your brain.

The maze is 8 feet tall and covers more than 1,200 square feet. It will operate through Sept. 3.

Running along with the maze is a simulated "rat cage" of learning experiments entitled "Within the Human Brain."

Call 642-5132 for information and admission prices.


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