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Erg Saved Is Erg Earned

Because of energy efficiency on some new campus construction, the university will receive a $486,000 rebate from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. as well as an anticipated $540,000 in annual savings on energy bills.

The rebate is the result of a PG&E program giving cash incentives to install such technical innovations as window glazing and efficient transformers.

Projects involved include Doe/Moffitt Library, Soda Hall, Haas School of Business, Tang Center, Valley Life Sciences and a residence hall. Five project managers were recognized in the effort: Ron Chung, Rob Gayle, Stan Mar, Thad Nastich and Michael Raven.

Lesson in Diversity

Berkeley will host a joint national conference of the Association of Asian American Studies and the National Council for Black Studies June 1 to 4 at the Parc Oakland Hotel and the Oakland Convention Center.

The two professional organizations are holding their conferences together for the first time to strengthen ties between ethnic groups and to enhance the field of ethnic studies during a time group leaders say they see growing racial tensions in the U.S.

The common theme for the joint conference will be "Ethnicity in the 21st Century: The Challenge of Transnationalism."

Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris and Chancellor Tien will address the opening session of the conference. As many as 700 ethnic studies scholars from around the United States are expected to attend.

Staff Appreciation Day

Don't forget to attend the 10th annual Staff Appreciation Day on Tuesday, June 13, in Faculty Glade. All staff members are invited to partake of free music, food and entertainment from 2 to 4 p.m. Activities include free massages, a petting zoo and arts and crafts displays. Goodie bags will be handed out to all employees who attend.

Free prizes, including a winery tour in Santa Cruz, free dinners in Bay Area restaurants and a central campus parking permit, will be announced during the festivities. Be sure to check the listings posted in the Faculty Glade to see if you're a winner.

For information, call LaDawn Duvall Davis at 643-8888 or Jean Smith at 642-3736.

Watch and Wax

The campus police department's Cal-B-SAFE program and campus custodial services are teaming up to reduce theft. The new partnership will provide additional eyes and ears to help police reduce theft while improving personal safety for the custodial staff.

Last fall, custodial services approached Cal-B-SAFE about providing personal safety training for its staff. Working together, the two services developed a slide show that incorporates personal safety information with information on how to recognize and report suspicious persons and circumstances, how to report crime and what to do in case of a major emergency.

Three training sessions have already been held and two more are planned.

In another partnership, Cal-B-SAFE and the library have installed an electronic message board to relay night safety shuttle schedules and information at Moffitt Library's south circulation desk.

The library is the hub of the shuttle service. In addition to schedules, the message board will be another way to communicate needed information about campus safety programs, and safety tips to the users of Moffitt Library.

The sign will run test messages over the summer and be fully operational in the fall. It was paid for by proceeds Cal-B-SAFE received from the Barrows to Bear's Lair 5K Run-- sponsored by the California Student Foundation--and a contribution by the library.


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