August Paychecks On Time, But Some Increases Delayed

Aug. 1 paychecks will be issued, but some increases will be paid retroactively.

Although the state deadline for adoption of the 1995-96 California budget has passed without an agreement between the governor and the Legislature, the controller has reported that the state will have sufficient funds to meet UC's July payroll (paid on Aug. 1) even if the budget is not adopted by the end of July. In other words, university employees will continue to receive their paychecks.

However, until the 1995-96 budget is signed, 1994-95 staff merit increases that were deferred from Jan. 1, 1995 and were to become effective on July 1, as well as academic merit and promotional increases effective July 1, will not be reflected in paychecks.

Once the 1995-96 budget is signed, these merit increases will be paid retroactive to July 1, 1995, and will be reflected in paychecks as soon as feasible.

As described in a Berkeleyan notice on May 24, 1995, the staff (non-academic) employees eligible under this merit cycle were those covered under Staff Personnel Policy and exclusively represented employees covered by the AFSCME Clerical, Service, and Patient Care Technical contracts.

The university is in the process of negotiating the Technical Unit (TX) contract and merit process, so those employees were not eligible for this round of merit increases. Employees represented by the Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council (Skilled Craft), California Nurses Association, and Printing Trades Alliance were not covered by this merit cycle.

Salary programs for next year--1995-96--will be announced after the state budget has passed. (See article, page 1.)

Staff employees with questions about the delayed payments should contact their department's employee relations specialist. Academic employees may contact Patti Owen at 642-5626.


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