The Glade Takes Shape

The Last Temporary Building Has Fallen to the Wrecker's Ball

With the last of the World War II-era temporary buildings gone, the restoration of Memorial Glade near Doe Library is looking especially appealing.

A substantial portion of the landscaped open space north of the library will be ready for use soon, according to Planning Design and Construction.

The remainder of the project will be completed next summer.

The glade will serve as the largest open gathering space on campus and with the new landscaping will provide an extension of the natural woodlands and glades that characterize the campus.

Several other campus construction efforts are underway or soon to begin.

On-site construction is to begin at the end of the spring semester.

A campus priority will be the expansion of Dwinelle Hall to convert the south wing attic into offices, construct two new floors in place of the north wing attic and allow state-of-the-art computer communication to all offices.

On-going projects include the expansion of the law school, which is expected to be completed next August.

Construction of Tan Hall, the new chemistry building, is due to be completed in fall '96.

Other efforts underway are modifications to Barrows Hall so KALX radio station can move onto campus early this fall and renovation of the Unit II residence hall.


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