Faculty Awards 1994-95

1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

John C. Harsanyi, professor emeritus of business administration and economics

U.S. Poet Laureate

Robert Hass, English

1994 California Scientist of the Year

Robert Tjian, professor of molecular and cell biology

MacArthur Fellowship

Pamela Matson, eco-system ecology

National Academy of Engineering

Andrew Neureuther, electrical engineering and computer sciences

National Academy of Sciences

Bob Buchanan, plant biology

David Chandler, chemistry

Corey Goodman, molecular and cell biology

Clayton Heathcock, chemistry

Carla Shatz, molecular and cell biology

Yuen Ron Shen, physics

Presidential Faculty Fellows

Thomas Anderson, assistant professor of computer science

Astar Winoto, acting associate professor of molecular and cell biology

American Associationfor the Advancement of Science Fellows

Kathryn Anderson,biological sciences

Andrew Jackson, agriculture, food and renewable resources

Marcia Linn, education

Daniel Neumark, chemistry

Arthur Reingold, medical sciences

Martyn Smith, biological sciences

Terence Speed, statistics

Lawrence Talbot, engineering

Paul Witherspoon, engineering

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Michael Bernstein, English and comparative literature

Manuel Blum, electrical engineering and computer sciences

David Chandler, chemistry

Susan Graham, electrical engineering and computer sciences

Barbara Meyer, molecular and cell biology

Katharine Milton, anthropology

Richard Saykally, chemistry

Gerald Westheimer, neurobiology

Fulbright Grants

Donald DePaolo, geology

Robert Lipton, medical sciences

Gary Martin, anthropology and archaeology

Robert Rice, geography

Ruth Schmidt, linguistics

University Professor

Marvin Cohen, physics

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowships

Nancy Chodorow, sociology

Susanna Elm, history

James Gordley, law

Timothy Hampton, French

Carolyn Merchant, environmental history, philosophy and ethics

Franklin Zimring, law

Sloan Research Fellowships

Martin Head-Gordon, chemistry

Matthew Rabin, economics

Lars Bildsten, physics

Wolf Prize

(premier award in agriculture)

Carl Huffaker, professor emeritus of entomology

Distinguished Teaching Awards

Gary Firestone, molecular and cell biology

Brian Harvey, computer science

Rachel Moran, law

Andrew Packard, mechanical engineering

Vincent Resh, environmental science, policy and management

Student Awards

University Medalist

Emily Ruth Bender, linguistics

Alumni Awards

Alumnus of the Year

T.Y. Lin, structural engineer and pioneer in use of prestressed concrete


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