Proposed 1997-98 Academic Calendar

The proposed 1997-98 calendar follows the model approved for 1995-96 and 1996-97. It is also available electronically at http://www. Deadline for comments is Jan. 31. Send comments to Policy Analyst Sandy Ellison (email: sandy_ellison; campus mail: Chancellor's Office, 200 California Hall, MC 1510).

Fall Semester

Fee Payment Due July 15 Tues.

TeleBears April 14-Sept. 12 Mon.-Fri.

Welcome Week Aug. 18-22 Mon.-Fri.

Fall Semester Begins Aug. 19 Tues.

Instruction Begins Aug. 25 Mon.

Labor Day Holiday Sept. 1 Mon.

Thanksgiving Holiday Nov. 27-28 Thurs.-Fri.

Instruction Ends Dec. 6 Sat.

Final Examinations Dec. 10-18 Wed.-Thurs.

Fall Semester Ends Dec. 18 Thurs.

Winter Holiday Dec. 25-26 Thurs.-Fri.

New Year's Holiday Jan. 1-2 Thurs.-Fri.

Spring Semester

Fee Payment Due Dec. 15 Mon.

TeleBears Oct. 27-Feb. 6 Mon.-Fri.

Spring Semester Begins Jan. 13 Tues.

Martin Luther King Holiday Jan. 19 Mon.

Instruction Begins Jan. 20 Tues.

Presidents' Day Holiday Feb. 16 Mon.

Spring Recess April 13-17 Mon.-Fri.

Spring Holiday April 17 Fri.

Charter Day To be determined

Instruction Ends May 11 Mon.

Final Examinations May 15-23 Fri.-Sat.

Spring Semester Ends May 23 Sat.

Memorial Day Holiday May 25 Mon.

Summer Sessions 1998

Instruction Begins:

First Six-Week May 26 Tues.

Ten-Week June 8 Mon.

Eight-Week June 22 Mon.

Second Six-Week July 6 Mon.

Three-Week July 27 Mon.

Independence Day Holiday July 3 Fri.

Instruction Ends:

First Six-Week July 2 Thurs.

Ten-Week Aug. 14 Fri.

Eight-Week Aug. 14 Fri.

Second Six-Week Aug. 14 Fri.

Three-Week Aug. 14 Fri.


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