Campus Starts Work On Local Policies Under HRMI

Human Resources has begun developing local campus

s policies for the Human Resource Management Initiatives and implementing procedures for the new policy structure.

Under HMRI, the systemwide personnel program has been simplified and the campuses have authority to develop local procedures.

Policies being addressed first are those with the highest priority for staff members:

o recruitment and selection

o compensation

o performance appraisal

o layoff

o corrective action

and termination

o complaint resolution

Assisting in the process are six committees representing a broad range of the campus. Each committee is co-chaired by a manager or staff member from the campus and a functional specialist from the Personnel Office, with committee members suggested by their control unit administrators.

Alice Gregory, director of Human Resources, said that "in the past, personnel experts developed proposals and then presented them to the campus for review.

"By moving to this new model of including campus operations managers at the formative stages, we expect to develop campus policies and procedures that are as responsive as possible to campus needs," she said.

As the new policies and procedures are developed, campus employees will have a chance to review and comment on them before final implementation.

In December Chancellor Tien sent Berkeley's recommendations on the final Human Resource Management Initiatives proposals to the Office of the President, following a third round of campus review on systemwide personnel policy changes.

(The full text of the chancellor's letter is available for review on the Berkeley Campus Personnel Office gopher, under Announcements and Personnel News.)

The chancellor's letter contained specific recommendations on a number of proposals, including restoration of the requirement for written annual evaluations for regular status employees, support for flexible work arrangements and consideration of changes in the proposed vacation accrual rates.


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