Campus Proposes Distinguished Service Awards Program

The campus has proposed this year's Distinguished Service Awards program, which will again recognize both teams and individuals.

Awards will be based on one-time significant contributions and/or sustained outstanding performance. Awards may be in the form of cash or training, at the discretion of each vice chancellor. The program was postponed from last fall so that managers could complete the Working in Teams workshop series and a three-part workshop on team leadership developed by the Personnel Office in response to requests from managers and supervisors for help in defining, leading, motivating and participating in teams.

The campus guidelines for the 1995-96 program were written in collaboration with control unit administrators and in accordance with the general guidelines from the Office of the President. Each control unit will administer its own program within these general guidelines and the control units will set award amounts.


o Awards will be based on the work performed from May 1, 1995, through April 30, l996.

o An employee must be on payroll status as of May 1, 1996, to receive an award.

o All career and long-term casual Staff Classified employees (employees covered by Staff Personnel Policy and employees covered under the AFSCME Clerical, AFSCME Service and CNA contracts), career and long-term casual A&PS employees, and career and contract status MAP employees are eligible. (Long-term casual is 12 months or longer.)

o Skilled crafts, printing trades and technical unit employees are specifically excluded from eligibility.


o Funds will be assigned by the Budget and Planning Office to Control Units based on proportionate payroll dollars. The campus will establish an equitable level of funding for awards to employees in positions that are not centrally funded.

o Supervisors are encouraged to grant team awards as well as individual awards. Awards to teams, work groups, and task forces support the campus goal of encouraging collaboration and teamwork.

o Any employee may recommend another person or team to the nominee's supervisor or team sponsor. The supervisor or sponsor will then determine whether to nominate the person or team for an award.

o In those Control Units that are awarding both cash and training awards, when making the nomination the supervisor should determine which award (cash or training) is appropriate, through a discussion with the employee regarding goals.

o Supervisors should place a copy of the award documents in the employee's personnel file after notifying the employee.

For more information about the Distinguished Service Award program, contact your supervisor or manager.


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