Come to Cal Day, Surf the Net

Computers, Technology and Innovation Highlight This Year's Campuswide Open House

Technology and innovation--that which makes Berkeley famous--will be featured at this year's Cal Day on Saturday, April 13.

The campuswide open house from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. will offer dozens of activities across many departments that will give visitors a taste of the technological and innovative wizardry brewing on this campus.

For starters, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences will sponsor a variety of demonstrations in Cory and Soda halls. For instance:

* Watch computer-controlled bumper cars.

* See a robot taking a swing at pee-wee golf.

* Navigate the World Wide Web using the world's fastest Web browser, developed at Berkeley.

* See how chips are made.

* Browse a paperless library.

* Manipulate a remote robot using the Web.

* Surf the Net with the pros.

Many other departments also are offering activities for those wishing to broaden their technological horizons, including:

* Doing archaeology with computers. (Anthropology and Archaeology)

* A demonstration of computer resources on campus, foreign language resources on the World Wide Web and how to gain access to museum and archival materials at Berkeley. (Campus Computing)

* Introduction to the Haas School home page and a new Haas CD-ROM developed by students. (Haas School of Business)

* A demonstration of how Web pages are created and the opportunity to create your own. (Information Management and Systems)

Along the lines of innovation, there are a number of choices. Mechanical Engineering is offering two programs on alternative automobiles: "Forget Your Corvette"--a look at what students are doing with concrete canoes, solar cars, human-powered vehicles and a supermileage car; and "Clean Air and Engines: New Combustion Techniques," a talk by Professor Carlos Fernandez-Pello.

Civil Engineering will focus on the "Big One," offering several talks and demonstrations on earthquake preparedness and the innovations of Berkeley engineers.

Environmental Design, among its offerings, will address "Rebuilding the California Dream: An Agenda for Improving Our Cities, Our Neighborhoods and Our Natural Environment," a presentation by Professor John Landis.

This is a small sampling of the Cal Day activities. Programs with the complete schedule of events, times and locations will be available at the entrances as well as online. (Look for details in future Berkeleyans.) With the exception of some athletic events, most of the events are free, including admission to the campus's museums.


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