Health*Matters Lunch And Learn Series

There is no charge for classes in the series. All take place from 12:10 to 12:55 p.m. For more information call 643-4646.

Strength Training

With Dynabands

April 12, 234 Hearst Gym.

Participants will learn a routine using dynabands and handweights to use at home or the office for muscle tone and strength. No enrollment required.

Splash Into Shape

May 3, Hearst East Pool

An opportunity to try the hottest new low-impact exercise. Locker room available; bring bathing suit and towel. Call 643-4646 to enroll.

Employee Development and Training

For more information, for copies of the 1995-96 Employee Development and Training catalog or for information on how to enroll in classes, call 642-8134.

Applications, Resume Writing, And Effective Interviewing

April 15, 22 and 29, 8:30 am-noon.

Guidance in completing an application and developing a resume and cover letter tailored to the listings of the Job Listing Bulletin. The last class will focus on preparing participants for interviews, including practice in interviewing skills.

Designing and Delivering

An Effective Presentation

April 16, 8:30 am-4:30 pm; April 23, 8:30 am-noon.

Learn effective delivery skills and strategies for dealing with the anxiety of giving a presentation; plus, how to plan a presentation by analyzing the audience, establishing objectives and organizing material.


April 18 and 25, 8:30 am-noon.

Learn the phases of delegating, determine appropriate delegation strategies and discuss delegating to meaningful organizational levels.

Cancellation Notice

The Career Information Panels about Management Services Officers and Programmer Analysts previously scheduled for April 18 and June 20 have been canceled. For information, call 642-2348.

Fiscal Closing Workshop

This one-session, 21/2 hour workshop sponsored by Accounting Services will assist participants in becoming better acquainted with the campus fiscal closing process. Anyone involved in fiscal closing should attend. Workshop dates and times are as follows:

April 16, 9-11:30 am

April 17, 1:30-4 pm

April 18, 1:30-4 pm

April 23, 9-11:30 am

April 24, 1:30-4 pm

April 25, 9-11:30 am

April 30, 9-11:30 am

May 1, 1:30-4 pm

May 2, 9-11:30 am

Workshop enrollment forms have been mailed to campus departments. The forms also are available on the web at or by calling 642-2853.

Computer Classes

For information or forms, call 642-7355. Descriptions and forms also are available at http://wss-www. berkeley. edu.

Macintosh Full-Day Classes:

Microsoft Excel 5.0 (Beginning)

Filemaker Pro (Beginning,


Aldus PageMaker 5.0 (2 days)

Macintosh Half-Day Classes:

Macintosh Fundamentals (using

System 7.5)

Microsoft Word 6.0 (Beginning,


Microsoft Excel 5.0 Worksheets


IBM PC (DOS) Half-Day Classes:

Windows 3.1 (Beginning)

IBM PC (DOS) Full-Day Classes:

Microsoft Excel 5.0 for Windows

(Beginning, Intermediate)

Microsoft Word for Windows 6.0

(Fundamentals, Intermediate)


Annual Contribution Limits for the 403(b)

In response to Internal Revenue Service rules regarding tax-deferred retirement plans, beginning this year UC Benefits is systematically calculating the maximum annual amount each employee can contribute to the tax-deferred 403(b) Plan.

On May 1, a maximum annual contribution amount will be loaded into UC's payroll/personnel system for each employee who was on active payroll during January. The system automatically will stop contributions to the 403(b) Plan if the employee's maximum is reached during the current tax year.

While the systematic calculation was performed for all employees on the payroll system as of Jan. 31, 1996, a Statement of Maximum Annual Contribution will be sent in early April only to those who contributed to the 403(b) Plan during 1995.

Employees hired before Jan. 31, 1996, can hear their maximum annual contribution by calling UC Benefits' automated telephone service, At Your Service (800-888-8267, press 1).

In addition, employees can call At Your Service to order a personalized description of the applicable IRS limits and the data used in their individual calculation.

Employees who want to begin participating in the 403(b) Plan need to call "At Your Service" to find out the maximum amount they can contribute annually before completing a Salary Reduction Agreement.

Employees hired or rehired on or after Feb. 1, 1996, must request a manual calculation from the campus Benefits Unit before completing a Salary Reduction Agreement to begin participation in the 403(b) Plan. Employees who do not have a maximum annual contribution in the payroll/personnel system will not be allowed to participate in the 403(b) Plan.

Certain data elements used in the maximum annual contribution were projected and/or estimated and assume that current appointments and salary rates will continue through the end of 1996. An appeal process exists for participants who believe that incorrect data elements were used in their calculation. Participants should appeal their maximum annual contribution calculation only if they want to calculate the maximum amount allowable, and only if a recalculation will make a different of at least $100 in their maximum annual contribution.

The Appeal Process

Those want to contribute the maximum amount in 1996 and feel that their maximum annual contribution as calculated by UC Benefits is incorrect should do the following:

* Call UC Benefits At Your Service (800 888-8267 and press 1);

* Request a copy of the data elements used to calculate your maximum annual contribution;

* Review the data elements to determine if any are incorrect, and, if so;

* Request an appeal packet by calling At Your Service or the campus Benefits Office at 642-7053;

* Complete the worksheet in the appeal packet using the correct data elements to determine if the difference in the maximum annual contribution will be more than $100, and, if so;

* Complete the Data Verification Request Form explaining what needs to be corrected;

* Attach all required documentation to the form and forward to Personnel Benefits Unit, 207 University Hall, Mail Code 3540, for review of documentation and signature on Data Verification Request Form. The signed form and supporting documentation will be returned to you.

* Make copies of the form and supporting documentation for your records. Send the complete packet with documentation to UC Benefits, 300 Lakeside Drive, 4th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612, Attention: Regulatory Coordination. UC Benefits will review the request and recalculate your maximum annual contribution. Allow 30 to 60 days for a response.


Museum Building Wins Endurance Award

The American Institute of Architects California Council has issued its Twenty-Five Year Award to the University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

The award recognizes the museum building as "a work of California architecture of enduring significance, one that has retained its central form and character, and with its architectural integrity intact."

Designed by San Francisco architects Mario J. Ciampi, Richard L. Jorasch and Ronald Wagner, the UAM/PFA opened in 1970.

Jacquelynn Bass, UAM/PFA director, commented that "in the mid 1960s, Berkeley held a competition for the design, looking for a building that would reflect and stimulate a dynamic interaction between art and academics....We think (this award) confirms just how well the building has met these expectations."

The contest jury commented that the building "is interesting because it is an aggressive design, but does not express itself aggressively. The artwork remains dominant even though the building itself is extremely sculptural....The project has grown and matured, fitting into its surroundings beautifully over time."

Peter Schultz Named Scientist of the Year

Peter Schultz, professor of chemistry, principal investigator at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has been jointly named California Scientist of the Year by the California Museum of Science and Industry. He shares the prestigious designation with Richard A. Lerner, president of the Scripps Research Institute.

In one of the most dramatic breakthroughs in the history of bio-

organic synthetic chemistry, Schultz and Lerner independently and almost simultaneously conceived and demonstrated the idea that antibodies can act as highly selective catalysts akin to the body's natural catalysts, or enzymes.

While it took enzymes acting on natural biological systems millions of years of evolution to reach their present level of efficiency, antibodies can be produced overnight, for obtaining an almost unlimited variety of products--with an efficiency that may sometimes exceed that of the natural enzymes.

Their discovery presents the challenge to chemists of finding the right antibody for almost any conceivable bio-organic chemical reaction, and may potentially revolutionize the process of obtaining new chemical products in the laboratory and by industry.

Schultz and Lerner were honored at a banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills March 28.


Mary Ann Hiserman, architectural associate with Planning and Design Services, died March 29 of complications during surgery. She was 49.

In her capacity as campus access coordinator, it was Hiserman's job to see that all buildings met handicapped compliance codes. She also coordinated the Chancellor's Committee for the Removal of Architectural Barriers and served as an access consultant for the Berkeley Unified District and the City of Berkeley.

Hiserman spent nearly her entire academic and professional career at Berkeley. A member of the staff since 1977, Hiserman received both her BA and master's degrees in architecture from Berkeley, in 1974 and 1980, respectively.

In a statement distributed following Hiserman's death, architecture chair Sam Davis said, "Mary Ann was a distinguished graduate of our department. I was one of her first professors. She did exactly what we hope all our students will do. She learned much about her profession while she was in school, overlaid that with her passions, interest and abilities, thereby making architecture her own. Then she went out into the world, in this case our university world, and contributed honorably in her own unique and important way."

Hiserman is survived by her mother, Dorothy Hiserman of Salinas, and a brother, Ward Hiserman of Tucson.

Contributions in Hiserman's memory may be sent to the Friends of UC Botanical Garden or to the Center of Accessible Technology, 2525 8th St., Berkeley CA 94710.

Memorial Services for Horn, Tobias

The Department of History of Art will hold a memorial service for Walter Horn Friday, April 26, at 5:30 p.m. in the Hans Hoffman Gallery at the University Art Museum. A memorial service for Charles Tobias, sponsored by his family and the College of Chemistry, is scheduled for Sunday, April 14, at 10 a.m. in the Great Hall of the Faculty Club. Berkeleyan printed obituaries for Horn and Tobias on January 24 and March 13, respectively.


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