Commencement '96 Schedule, Speakers

The following is a list of 1996 commencements and speakers (where known):

Aerospace Studies, May 15, noon, Alumni House

African American Studies, Barbara Christian, professor, African American Studies, May 25, 1 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Ancient History/Mediterranean, Bonnie Wade, professor and chair of the deans, College of Letters and Science, May 17, 2 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Anthropology, Laura Nader, professor, Department of Anthropology, May 17,10 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

Art History, Greil Marcus, author of "Mystery Train," "Lipstick Traces," "The Dustbin of History," May 17, 2 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Art Practice, May 17, 2 pm, Sculpture Garden (UAM)

Asian Studies, Ted Lee, Asian-American building contractor, May 18, 2 pm, Alumni House lounge

Business, Alex Mandl, chair and CEO, SEA-Land Services, Inc. (a subsidiary of CSX Corporation), May 19, 2 pm, Hearst Greek Theatre

Center for Theater Arts (Dramatic Art), Robert Blackman, costume designer for film, TV and theater, May 18, 2 pm, Zellerbach Playhouse

Chemistry, Mario J. Molina, Martin Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, MIT; recipient, 1995 Nobel Prize in chemisty, May 19, 2 pm, Chemistry Plaza

Chicano Studies, May 19, 11 am, Harmon Gymnasium

Classics, see Ancient History

Comparative Literature, see Ancient History

Computer Science, Robert Epstein, co-founder of Sybase Inc., May 19, 2 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

East Asian Languages, Wen-hsing Yeh, professor of history, May 19, 2 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Economics, Michael Boskin, Tully M. Friedman Professor of Economics and senior fellow, Hoover Institute, Stanford; economics adviser to President Bush, May 17, 3 pm, Hearst Greek Theatre

Education, student speakers, May 18, 1 pm, Wheeler Auditorium

Energy and Resources Group, May 17, 12:30 pm, Alumni House

Engineering, Leroy Chiao, NASA astronaut, May 18, 9 am, Hearst Greek Theatre

English, Robert Hass, Poet Laureate and professor, Department of English, May 11, 3 pm, Hearst Greek Theatre

Environmental Design, Harrison Fraker, dean, College of Environmental Design, May 19, 10 am, Hearst Greek Theatre

Environmental Sciences (UGIS), May 18, 7 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Ethnic Studies, May 19, 9 am, Wheeler Auditorium

French, see Ancient History

Geography, Mike Davis, lecturer and writer; author of "City of Quartz," May 18, 2 pm, McCone Hall, Oak Grove

Geology/Geophysics, William Lettis, president, William Lettis and Associates, Walnut Creek, May 17, 2 pm, McCone Hall, Oak Grove

German, see Ancient History

Health and Medical Science, May 11, 2 pm, Alumni House

History, May 17, 10 am, Hearst Greek Theatre

Human Biodynamics, John A. Lucas, professor, Penn State U.; International Olympic Committee historian, May 18, 10 am, Wheeler Auditorium

Information Management and Systems, no ceremony

Integrative Biology, May 19, 9 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

International and Area Studies, Diogo do Frietas Amaral, president, United Nations General Assembly, May 19, 2 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Italian Studies, see Ancient History

Journalism, May 12, 11 am, North Gate Courtyard

Law, Richard Delgado, professor of law, University of Colorado at Boulder, May 18, 3 pm, Hearst Greek Theatre

Legal Studies, Robert Berring, professor, School of Law; law library director, May 19,10 am, lower courtyard, Boalt Hall

Linguistics, May 17, 1 pm, Ishi Courtyard

Mathematics, May 10, 1 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Military Science, May 18, 6:30 pm, Alumni House

Molecular and Cell Biology--1, Henry R. Bourne, professor, cellular and molecular pharmacology, UCSF, May 20, 10 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

Molecular and Cell Biology--2, Ira Herzkowitz, chair, biochemistry and biophysics, UCSF, May 20, 3 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Music, student concert, May 12, 2 pm, Hertz Hall

Native American Studies, May 18, 5 pm, Haas Clubhouse

Natural Resources, Ted Turner, entrepreneur, May 19, 2 pm, Chancellor's Esplanade

Naval Science, May 21, 10 am, Berkeley Yacht Club

Near Eastern Studies, May 20, 2 pm, Lipman Room

Optometry, Lesley L. Walls, dean, College of Optometry, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Ore., May 18, 1 pm, Faculty Glade

Peace and Conflict Studies, May 19, 2 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Philosophy, Richard Wollheim, professor of philosophy, May 11, 10 am, Men's Faculty Club

Physics/Astronomy, Vera Rubin, research astronomer, Carnegie Institute of Washington, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, May 17, 8 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Political Science, John Kenneth Galbraith, professor of economics, Harvard University, May 20, 3 pm, Hearst Greek Theatre

Psychology, May 20, 9:30 am, Hearst Greek Theatre

Public Health, Joshua Lederberg, Nobel Laureate, May 11, 9 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

Public Policy (graduate students), Sheila Keuhl, California State Assembly, May 19, 1 pm, Faculty Glade

Rhetoric, Ibrahim Muhawi, visiting professor, May 8, 10 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

Scandinavian/Celtic Studies, see Ancient History

Senior Commencement Convocation, May 7, 4 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Slavic, see Ancient History

Social Welfare, (graduate students), Ken Dychtwald, president and CEO of Age Wave, May 11, 2 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Social Welfare (undergraduates), May 18, 2 pm, Zellerbach Auditorium

Sociology, Michael Hout, professor of sociology. May 18, 9 am, Zellerbach Auditorium

South/Southeast Asian Studies, See Ancient History

Spanish and Portuguese, see Ancient History

Statistics, Albert Bowker, chancellor emeritus and professor emeritus, Department of Statistics, May 17, 2:30 pm, Gund Theatre-Pacific Film Archive

UGIS, May 16, 10 am, Hearst Greek Theatre

Women's Studies, Barbara Lee, California State Assembly, May 16, 7 pm, Alumni House


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