May 20 Is Deadline For Items To Be Included In Special Award Section

To coincide with a number of major awards that are presented to staff and faculty this time of year, Berkeleyan is planning a special section in the June 5 issue to recognize the recipients.

To be included, campus groups and organizations that sponsor awards for excellent work, volunteer service and other notable accomplishments should send the following information to Berkeleyan by May 20:

* The name of the award and sponsor

* Names of recipients with appropriate department or organization affiliation

* A one or two sentence summary of why individuals were recognized

Include a contact name and phone number or email address for verifying information.

Award sponsors are invited to submit photos of winners (group photos are OK) or award ceremonies. Photo submissions should include a clear identification of those in the picture and the name of the award they are receiving.

Photos will be published as space allows and depending on how well they will reproduce in the paper. They may be black/white or color prints, but not slides. If photos are to be returned, please include a self-addressed envelope.

Information may be sent via email to Berkeleyan@pio.urel. berkeley, or by campus mail to Berkeleyan, 101 Sproul Hall MC#4202, attn.: Awards Issue. Photos may also be mailed to 101 Sproul Hall or hand-delivered.

For more information call 643-9259 or email dsf@pa.urel. before May 15.


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