Employee Development and Training

For more information, for copies of the 1995-96 Employee Development and Training catalog or for information on how to enroll in classes, call 642-8134.

Customer Service Excellence

For Managers and Supervisors

May 29, 8:30 am-4:30 pm, and June 5, 8:30 am-noon.

An opportunity for managers and supervisors to explore the foundations of service excellence and develop the knowledge and skills needed to enhance service in their departments.

New Employee Orientation

June 4, 8:30 am-noon.

An opportunity for new employees to learn about UC and the Berkeley campus, meet new employees from other departments and obtain specific information needed within the first month of employment. Topics presented include benefits of UC employment, campus culture and values, employee support services and common personnel policies. A campus tour is included.

Creating and Using Flow Charts

June 6, 10 am-noon.

For those who would like to analyze and/or improve some of the business processes in their units or departments, but need some ideas on how to start. A flow chart will provide a visual path that a service or product follows, allowing participants to identify the path that a service or product should follow.


Making VDT Workstations


May 29, 8 am-noon.

Learn the ABCs of a successful departmental VDT health and safety program, practice the basics of a VDT workstation evaluation and learn how to set priorities in modifying VDT workstations. Free. Call 643-4646 to enroll.


Medical Plan Sessions

The Benefits Unit has invited the medical plan carriers to hold information sessions for new and continuing plan members. The remaining sessions include:

* Kaiser--May 9

* FHP/TakeCare--May 13

* Foundation--May 13

* Prudential, including High Option, UC Care, CORE--May 16

* PacifiCare--May 20

All sessions will take place from 12:10 to 1 p.m. in Room 150, University Hall. Seating capacity is on a first come, first served basis. Call 642-7053 for more information.


The following are titles of memos recently mailed to deans, directors, department chairs and administrative officers on the chancellor's mailing lists. For copies, contact originating offices.

Deans and directors memos also are available on Infocal under "campus directives." Connect to Infocal via Gopher, WWW or telnet software at For assistance using Infocal, call 642-8507.

Questions about memos should be directed to Aileen Kim, 642-3100, or email to aileen_kim@ maillink.

April 29. Establishment of B.S. Degree in Molecular Environmental Biology, from Carol T. Christ, the vice chancellor and provost.

April 29. Name Change: PhD in Neurobiology to Neuroscience, from Carol T. Christ, the vice chancellor and provost.

April 30. Approved Calendar for 1997-98 Academic Year, from Carol T. Christ, the vice chancellor and provost.

May 1. Major Changes in Postal Service Rates and Regulations, from Thomas Vani, executive director--financial and business services.


Nobuo "Nobi" Inouye, a member of the staff for 37 years, died of natural causes April 19 at age 68.

A staff research associate with the poultry husbandry department and later with genetics, Inouye's many contributions include solving intricate problems related to poultry and flower beetles. He also researched and tested highly technical lab equipment and supervised the renovation of 17 wet laboratories.

Born in Nevada, Inouye received his BS in poultry husbandry and master's in genetics from Berkeley in 1952 and 1962, respectively. He joined the staff in 1952 as foreman at the poultry plant in Strawberry Canyon, becoming superintendent in 1954. In 1959, he became a researcher in the poultry husbandry department, then transferred to genetics in 1962. He retired in 1989.

Nancy Mirate, administrative assistant in the School of Law, died April 22 after a medical leave. She was 54.

Mirate, who worked in the faculty support group, joined the staff in March, 1994.

She is survived by her husband, Craig Mirate of El Sobrante, and two sons.


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