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Games Galore at Lawrence Hall of Science Interactive Exhibit

It's not the only game in town but it's certainly the most fun. We're talking about "Brain Games," the new exhibit opening at the Lawrence Hall of Science Saturday, Oct. 5.

The museum floor will be transformed into a massive game room complete with giant-size chess and checkers, a pitch-and-catch game inside a spinning room, a 40-foot long alley for winging frisbees, a lottery machine and much more.

On a losing streak? Participants can improve their chances of winning by exploring the science and math behind these popular pastimes. "Brain Games" helps players practice logic, spatial and interpersonal skills to master game strategy.

Opening day activities begin at noon, Oct. 5., and include learning trick shots from the Chalkers Billiard Club house pro Billy Aguero.

Astrojax toy inventor Larry Shaw will also be on hand to demonstrate his unique creation using huge orbiting spheres to explore the motion of planets.

In addition to the "Brain Games" exhibit, a month of family workshops are planned.

"Computer Brain Games," Saturday, Oct. 5, will team children with adults on Macintosh computers for a variety of fun problem solving and logical thinking games.

Bring in design ideas to generate personalized stationery, cards and flyers at the "Computer Graphics" workshop Saturday, Oct. 19.

"Bones, Bones, Bones!" Saturday, Oct. 26, explores the relationship between human and animal skeletons. Participants can even make their own paper skeletons.

All workshops begin at 10 a.m. and require registration. Call 642-5134 for more information.


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