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 The annual open enrollment period is just around the corner. The open enrollment period will be slightly shorter this year, beginning Friday, Nov. 1, and ending Nov. 24. UC bencom, the automated telephone system that successfully handled last year's open enrollment, will be used again this year to handle open enrollment transactions.

Open enrollment packets will be mailed to employees' home addresses in late October. Packets will include an Open Enrollment Announcement as well as a personalized worksheet to assist employees in making their open enrollment UC bencom calls.

Employees are encouraged to carefully review their open enrollment packet even if they do not plan on making any changes. They should pay particular attention to changes in plan benefits (although minimal), costs for those plans they are currently enrolled in, and ensuring their dependents are listed accurately.

New to the open enrollment period this year is the method by which employees will obtain plan materials and directories. Beginning this year, employees will have to call plan carriers' 800 numbers directly to obtain a personal copy of information.

The plan 800 numbers for each carrier will be listed in the open enrollment announcement. Employees should call early so they will have plenty of time to review options and make decisions.

Please note that only reference copies of plan materials will be available in departments, the Campus Benefits Unit and at the Mini Open Enrollment Fair.

Proposed Open Enrollment Changes

While 1997 plan changes are still being finalized, some of the changes for 1997 will be as follows:

1. Foundation Health Plan will not renew its contract with UC, effective Jan. 1, 1997. Employees enrolled in the Foundation plan will be advised to switch to another plan during open enrollment. They will receive special information and instructions shortly. Foundation members who do not switch to another plan will default into UC Care coverage effective Jan. 1, 1997.

2. This will be the last open enrollment period for employees to transfer into Prudential High Option, a fee-for-service plan.

3. This will be the last open enrollment period for current employees to sign up for the Prudential Legal Services legal plan.


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