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Will You Be Ready When the "Big One" Hits?

Were you one of the thousands scrambling for flashlights, batteries and bottled water after the Loma Prieta earthquake struck Northern California Oct. 17, 1989? Will you be prepared if another earthquake or disaster hits?

To ready the campus community for the next disaster and to commemorate the anniversary of the 1989 temblor, the Office of Emergency Preparedness is hosting a day-long fair Thursday, Oct. 17, on Sproul Plaza and in the ASUC lobby.

Meet the snooping dogs of the Alameda County Search and Rescue Team. Watch police and fire personnel repell down the west side of Sproul as they simulate a rooftop victim rescue. See "jaws of life" equipment dismember an automobile on the plaza. The fair will be held from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

For information, call 643-9255.


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