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Information on the '96-97 Holiday Energy Curtailment

Heating and ventilation will again be curtailed on campus from Tuesday, Dec. 24, through Wednesday, Jan. 1, according to an Oct. 24 Deans, Directors memo.

This year's curtailment plan includes three days (Dec. 26, 27 and 30) that would be regularly scheduled work days.

During the entire curtailment period, faculty and staff are encouraged to plan to be away from campus.

This year the Winter Holiday is Tuesday, Dec. 24, and Wednesday Dec. 25. New Years' holiday is Tuesday, Dec. 31, and Wednesday, Jan. 1.

Many buildings, including the libraries, many classroom buildings, some dormitories, and Hearst Gym and pools, will be without heat and ventilation. (To determine if a particular building is affected or the extent of curtailment within a particular building, phone Physical Plant at 642-1100.)

Normal electric service will be maintained at all times. However, use of electric space heaters is strongly discouraged.

Provision is being made to allow all staff employees covered by Personnel Policies for Staff members or the AFSCME contract to use up to three days' vacation leave before actual accrual if they do not have sufficient accrued vacation.

For other provisions concerning accrual or use of time, supervisors should consult contracts or appropriate Personnel Policies.

The Librarian agreement provides for use of vacation leave, use of anticipated vacation leave, and waiver of provisions requiring the employee to be on pay status the day before and the day after the holiday.

Employees covered by the Crafts, Printing Trades and Registered

Nurses Agreements will be advised of options following decisions regarding scheduling during this period.

Staff employees not covered by any memorandum of understanding may use accrued or anticipated vacation, leave without pay or accrued compensatory time. Employees covered by the AFSCME contract should follow Article 20, Vacation, Section E-2.

For non-exempt employees, overtime may be accrued, banked and used for the curtailment period in accordance with the applicable labor agreement or appropriate Personnel Policy. Because exempt employees do not accrue compensatory time, supervisors may wish to consider approving requests to work at alternative locations if circumstances permit.

Policy or contract questions concerning the curtailment should be directed to Personnel Employee Relations Specialists. Technical questions regarding the curtailment should be directed to Paul Black at Physical Plant, 642-1100.


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