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Hiring and Prop. 209

 The passage of Proposition 209 will not change UC policies in hiring staff or faculty.

Policy changes already made to comply with UC Regents' Resolution SP-2 brought the Berkeley campus within the boundaries defined by Proposition 209 prior to the November election. For the university to remain eligible to receive federal funds, all nine campuses must continue to comply with federal regulations, including regulations regarding affirmative action.

Both the regents' Resolution SP-2 and Proposition 209 contain provisions that allow continued compliance with federal regulations in order to maintain eligibility to receive federal funds.

Berkeley employees whose responsibilities include staff personnel matters should continue to follow affirmative action related procedures outlined in the plans distributed by the Staff Affirmative Action Office.

Berkeley remains committed to a fair and equitable work environment. In pursuit of this commitment, Berkeley's human resources departments will continue to ensure that equal employment opportunity, affirmative action and diversity issues are effectively addressed.

If you have questions about affirmative action in non-academic staff personnel matters, including hiring, call the Staff Affirmative Action Office at 642-5002, or email

For questions on affirmative action policies for academic employees, contact Academic Compliance Affairs Officer Sheila O'Rourke, 642-1991.


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