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Open Enrollment Options

UHS Health Net Physicians May Be Primary Care Providers

 With the Nov. 24 deadline for open enrollment approaching, University Health Services would like to remind the campus that it provides general medical care to faculty and staff who select a University Health Service Health Net physician as their primary care provider.

Routine women's health care is included in the medical services. Obstetric and pediatric care is provided by Health Net providers in the local community.

UHS clinicians are not listed in the regular Health Net physician guide, since their services are only available to campus faculty and staff and their dependents over age 16.

Among the other services offered is emergency care available through 24-hour phone coverage daily, including university holidays and inter-sessions.

In addition, University Health Services clinicians will refer to Health Net medical specialists in the community. Staff are available to assist in making these appointments and forwarding the necessary paperwork.

Hospitalization can be arranged if needed and pharmacy services are provided by convenient local pharmacies affiliated with Health Net.

For more information, refer to the open enrollment materials for details on how to join Health Net and select your primary care physician.

For a list of University Health Services Health Net physicians and to find out how to sign up with one of them, call 642-1976 or access the web site at http://www.uhs.berkeley. edu/FacStaff/ healthNet.html


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