Proposed Budget: Fees Stable, Faculty Salaries Rise

Gov. Wilson's 1997-98 proposed state budget provides funds to keep general fees for UC students at the same level for the fourth consecutive year and to help restore faculty salaries to competitive levels.

In his budget proposal announced Thursday, Jan. 9, the governor also provided UC with funding to expand outreach to prospective college students and continue cooperative research with industry as a means to fuel the state's economic growth.

The governor's proposal fulfills for a third year his four-year compact with higher education to bring fiscal stability and predictability to UC and California State University.

If approved by the Legislature, it would fully fund UC's state funding request.

The governor's decision to add $37 million over and above the compact to eliminate the need for a fee increase parallels a priority set last fall by the Board of Regents.

The governor's proposal provides the UC system with an increase of 6.1 percent, or $125.7 million, in state general funds, for a total of $2.19 billion in state funding.

Also in the the governor's budget:

o Funding to bring UC faculty salaries to within 1.6 percent of the average of salaries at eight comparison institutions.

o An additional $1 million to expand student academic outreach, especially in the Central Valley.

o Making permanent the $5 million provided in state funding last year for UC's Industry University Cooperative Research Program.


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